Bristol Palin Says She’s “Pro Life,” Doesn’t Care About “Negative” Reaction To Second Pregnancy — SEE PHOTO HERE

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Bristol Palin Pro Life Pregnancy

By Shari Weiss |

Bristol Palin Pro Life Pregnancy

(Patheos/Bristol Palin)

Bristol Palin knows she’s getting slammed in the wake of announcing her second unplanned pregnancy. She just doesn’t care.

As Gossip Cop reported, Palin revealed on Thursday that she’s “pregnant again.” The single star acknowledged that she’s a “disappointment” to people, including friends and family, but said she was determined to raise the child on her own. Of course, Palin has some experience in that department, having gotten pregnant with son Tripp while dating Levi Johnston, and then later breaking up.

Not surprisingly, as soon as Palin revealed the baby news earlier this week, a backlash began, with many accusing her of being hypocritical for previously promoting abstinence and being judgmental of the way others live their lives. But in a new message posted on her blog on Friday, Sarah Palin’s expectant daughter fired back. “This is still how much I care about anything negative…,” she wrote with a photo of herself making a zero gesture with her hand (see above and below).

She went on to add, “#prolife <3 God is good, happy Friday!!” Palin’s point seemed to be that not only is she against abortion, but she apparently believes God has put her in this position for a reason. The blog post was simply titled, “Updated.”

Palin hasn’t revealed who is the father of her impending arrival, but speculation has centered around ex-fiancé Dakota Meyer. As Gossip Cop reported, the two called off their wedding at the last minute earlier this year. For his part, Meyer hasn’t commented on the pregnancy, but the veteran and Medal of Honor recipient took to Facebook on Friday to rant about the media’s coverage of terrorism and other current events. TELL US: What do you think of Palin’s “update”?

Bristol Palin Pro Life Pregnancy

(Patheos/Bristol Palin)


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