Bristol Palin: Josh Duggar Crucified By Media, While Lena Dunham Given Free Pass For “Molestation”

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Lena Dunham Josh Duggar scandal

By Minyvonne Burke |

Lena Dunham Josh Duggar scandal

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Bristol Palin feels the media has crucified Josh Duggar and his family over the molestation scandal, but gave Lena Dunham a free pass. As Gossip Cop previously reported, the “Girls” actress wrote in her book, Not That Kind Of Girl, that she sexually experimented with her younger sister, Grace. In the book, Dunham described times when she would look at her sister’s vagina and “kiss her on the lips for five seconds.”

On Thursday, Palin took to her blog to blast the “liberal media” for relentlessly going after the Duggar family, while praising Dunham for being “witty.” Palin writes, “I can’t believe how crazy the media is going over the Duggar family compared to the big fat yawn they gave Lena Dunham when she wrote in her book that she sexually experimented with her sister.”

After including an excerpt from Dunham’s book in which the actress describes an interaction with her sister, Palin writes, “That makes me want to puke. Remember the liberal media outrage? Oh that’s right. It didn’t happen. The liberal media darling Dunham was praised for her ‘honest and witty’ book.”

Palin further expresses what she believes is a double standard in the media. “Josh Duggar touching a sleeping girls breast – a terrible thing to do. But now their ENTIRE family is punished and their hit show is canceled? He’s labeled a pedophile? His family is crucified! Liberals in today’s media can do no wrong, while conservatives can do no right.” What do you think about Bristol Palin comparing Josh Duggar and Lena Dunham?


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