Bristol Palin Gun Photo Shows Son Shooting Weapon: Fans React

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Bristol Palin Gun Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Bristol Palin Gun Photo


Bristol Palin posted an Instagram photo of her son shooting a gun. Many of her fans are now praising the mom of two for teaching him how to safely handle a weapon.

In the picture (at right and below) 7-year-old Tripp is seen wearing protective glasses and headphones as he holds what appears to be a low-caliber gun. Palin stands behind him, also wearing glasses and ear protection. She captioned the photo, “#trapper #safetyfirst #teachingthemyoung.”

The post has since become filled with supportive reactions. @nattythorn78 commented, “Good job! Teaching them to respect guns young is a great gift to children.” @adecoratingmom sad, “Great teaching your kids that guns need to be treated safely. Don’t let the wackos gun control haters deter you. Great job @bsmp2.”

“People don’t murder because they were shown guns at 7. People murder because they’re mentally ill,” wrote @bullzeye333, adding, “Bristol has nothing to worry about. Her family is great.” The photo has also racked up more than 5,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

The snapshot comes about a day after Palin posted a picture of herself wearing a shirt that said, “Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun.” And before that, husband Dakota Meyer shared his own Instagram pictured showing him putting a holster on his waistband. The photo also showed their daughter Sailor sitting in a car seat with a gun on the counter right next to her.

“Carrying has always been important to me for my own safety but now it is imperative because now I have someone relaying on me. Every day, everywhere I go, every time I carry and am honors to be using the Blood Stripe holster from @gcodeholsters,” he wrote in the caption. Unlike Palin, though, Meyer received some flak in the comments section.

Bristol Palin Son Shooting


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