Brie Larson Opens Up About Eating Bugs On Bear Grylls’ Show

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Brie Larson in a black dress on the red carpet.

By Brianna Morton |

Brie Larson in a black dress on the red carpet.

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Brie Larson went on a wild ride with Bear Grylls when she appeared on his wilderness reality show. Larson recently opened up about her incredible experience in the Central American wilderness and revealed the questionable culinary skills she picked up. Apparently the grub she picked up during her time in the jungles of Panama left something to be desired.

Larson spoke about her time on Running Wild with Bear Grylls while visiting the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan. The actress told Kelly Ripa and guest host Mark Consuelos, “We went to Panama. We went to Panama City and then they were like, ‘Ok, it’s 7 am, go outside.’ And there was a helicopter there and they took me to some remote island.” Thus her adventure in the wilds of Panama began. Larson is braver than most. Nothing good comes from following Grylls to a second location, so it takes a courageous soul to follow him into the wilderness. Especially since everyone knows what Grylls drinks when he can’t find water.

It wasn’t long before Larson was sampling the local cuisine. When asked by Ripa about the scariest critter the Captain Marvel star encountered, Larson answered, “I mean, I had to squeeze the anal tract out of a bug and eat it. Which is…pointless, really. There is nothing left when the anal tract is gone.” Not quite the answer Ripa was expecting, as she nearly squirmed out of her chair after hearing this confession. Who wouldn’t? That’s a lot of information to hear about to prepare a meal of bugs. It’s reassuring to know that Larson found eating insects to be a disappointment.

Later in the interview, Consuelos asked if there was a tarantula involved, and Larson recalled that there’d been a tarantula that’d crawled up to Grylls while he slept. When Consuelos questioned whether the incident had been staged, Larson confirmed that everything about the show is real. “This whole show really helped me see how little I understand about the great outdoors,” she told them. “Because, we even ran into a crocodile and I just assumed it was animatronic. I did, I really did! I don’t know if it was a self-protection mechanism, but I was like, ‘That’s not real!’”

Though she clearly didn’t love the food they had to eat, Larson was Grylls’ favorite celebrity guest on his show. When Ripa – who explained that she’d had Grylls on the show earlier – told Larson the news, the actress appeared to be pleasantly shocked. “I wonder if he tells everyone that,” she jokingly wondered. It seems she impressed Grylls with her ability to stomach bugs. Maybe one day they’ll do another show together where they travel the world, eating every creepy-crawler they come across.


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