Brie Larson Acting Rude And Anti-Social Since Hitting ‘The Big Time’?

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Brie Larson attends the 2019 LACMA 2019 Art + Film Gala on November 02, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

By Griffin Matis |

Brie Larson attends the 2019 LACMA 2019 Art + Film Gala on November 02, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

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Brie Larson has become rude and anti-social ever since hitting “the big time”? That’s the phony story in one of the tabloids, which specifically focuses on the actress developing an oversized ego after discovering the gym. Gossip Cop found the whole thing ridiculous.

Although Larson’s hours upon hours in the gym helped her transform into her role as the powerful Captain Marvel, OK! claims that the star’s newfound love for fitness has caused her ego to skyrocket. “She used to be so friendly and open when she worked out, chatting with other gym goers, but since she hit the big time, she’s changed,” an unnamed source tells the outlet. “Now she slinks in for her sessions, only talks to her trainers, prefers the place to be empty if possible and avoids all eye contact with anyone she doesn’t know.”

The source even claims Larson has been snubbing her own friends due to her dedication to fitness, refusing any dinner or drinks invites so she can make her own “nutritious meal” at home. “She’s become the most boring person who just wants to talk about how many pounds she lifted that day,” the alleged tipster concludes. “It’s exhausting to be around her.”

Gossip Cop ran the claims by our source in Larson’s camp, who tells us the whole article is fiction. Furthermore, the tabloid never exactly explains when Larson hit “the big time” or the “rude” behavior began. Captain Marvel came out in March, and the actress trained for months prior to filming. Did she become rude during that time, or was it only after the film’s release? Also, Larson won her Academy Award in 2015 — why didn’t that count as her big step forward? If winning the highest award for acting doesn’t count as “the big time,” we frankly don’t know what would.

Just as vague is what the tabloid considers to be egotistical behavior. The gym isn’t a social arena to introduce yourself to others or interrupt their workouts. The tabloid’s description of Larson’s behavior sounds like the actions of a considerate gym-goer who doesn’t want to disturb others. Besides, Larson has opened up about her in-gym behavior in the past. During a press conference for Captain Marvel earlier this year, Larson made it clear that she wasn’t a cold, hard machine in the gym — just focused.

“I sobbed in the gym many times,” she said. “My trainer would be like, ‘Oh, she’s crying again.’ It’s very emotional when you’re kind of stirring up something very vulnerable and raw inside of you, and you’re also learning that it’s just for you.” She added, T”here was nothing for me to prove. I wasn’t proving it to other people at the gym.”

Even just a cursory glance at any of Larson’s social media accounts will reveal just how bogus it is to deem her as a rude and single-minded workout fanatic. The actress’s feeds are mostly excited compliments about fan cosplays and photos of her travels. In fact, Gossip Cop could only find a handful of workout-adjacent posts in the past year.

OK! is the same outlet that falsely claimed Larson’s Avengers co-stars hated her for being rude and not friendly enough. The simple truth is that the magazine doesn’t have any actual insight or insider information about the star, her workout routine, her career or her social life. This latest attempt at painting the actress as a snob is baseless.


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