Louis Tomlinson Baby Mama Briana Jungwirth Was NOT At One Direction Vancouver Concert, Despite Report

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Briana Jungwirth vancouver One direction

By Michael Lewittes |

Briana Jungwirth vancouver One direction


Briana Jungwirth, who is pregnant with Louis Tomlinson’s baby, was not at the One Direction concert in Vancouver on Friday, despite a new inaccurate report. The rumor began in one of the British tabloids, which had the good sense to remove its story once it was proven wrong. Jungwirth was actually in L.A.

That, however, did not stop HollywoodLife from regurgitating the false claim and pretending it had done some reporting. The aforementioned webloid wrote, “Briana was spotted hanging out backstage at One Direction’s concert in Vancouver,” and it seems that she’s “One Direction’s new groupie!”

Digging itself deeper into a hole, HollywoodLies noted, as if it had information, that Jungwirth “looked casual in a yellow dress, sunglasses and hat.” The unreliable site added that she was driven in a golf cart backstage, but that “her loose dress prevented us from getting a full-on glimpse of her baby bump.”

The webloid then asked its readers if they think “Louis is going to bring Briana with him for the rest of 1D’s tour.” Of course, that implies that the site, which pretends to report stories, knows as much (or as little) as its readers and that Jungwirth was actually at the Vancouver concert.

Jungwirth was in Los Angeles on Friday and most assuredly not at the Vancouver concert. In fact, once the Daily Mail realized its mistake, it pulled down its story. HollywoodLife, however, remains clueless.

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Briana Jungwirth was at the One Direction concert in Vancouver.


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