Louis Tomlinson Baby Mama Briana Jungwirth Sex Tape – Real Or Rumor?

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Briana Jungwirth Sex Tape Louis Tomlinson

By Andrew Shuster |

Briana Jungwirth Sex Tape Louis Tomlinson

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Briana Jungwirth, who is pregnant with Louis Tomlinson’s baby, is NOT featured in a sex tape, despite a webloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim, which had taken on a life of its own. We’re told it’s “nonsense.”

According to the French website Fan2, a sex tape has emerged that features the One Direction star’s baby mama and an unidentified man having sex. Supposed screenshots from this tape have leaked online, and they feature a girl who resembles Jungwirth, but is certainly not her.

After an entire paragraph insisting that it’s Jungwirth who’s on the tape and even indicating that Directioners should be “shocked,” the site then actually retracts its assertions. The webloid goes on to write, “It could only be someone who looks like [her],” adding that there’s no way to know for sure.

While haters will say whatever they want, Gossip Cop is 100 percent sure that the woman in the sex tape is not Jungwirth, despite #OhNoBriana becoming a trending topic on Twitter following the phony news story. We’re told by a source close to the situation that whole Jungwirth and the woman in the photos both have blonde hair, the entire “sex tape” story is “nonsense.”

Gossip Cop has corrected numerous false reports pertaining to Tomlinson and Jungwirth following the news that she was pregnant with his child, and this sex tape rumor is as phony as the rest of them.


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