Briana Jungwirth Defends Being Freddie’s Mom Hours Before Mother’s Day (VIDEO)

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(Instagram/Briana Jungwirth)

By Michael Lewittes |

(Instagram/Briana Jungwirth)

(Instagram/Briana Jungwirth)

Briana Jungwirth defended herself against haters who don’t believe she had a real baby with Louis Tomlinson, just a few hours before Mother’s Day. In a sweet video posted on Saturday, Jungwirth showers her baby with kisses. Alongside the video, she wrote about how “blessed” and “proud” she is to be Freddie’s mom, despite being “harassed” by fans and supposed news outlets, who questioned whether her baby is “real.” See the touching pre-Mother’s Day video below.

In the caption next to Jungwirth video, she wrote, “This past year has been the best and worst of my life.” She explains, “I was blessed with the most amazing gift, a beautiful baby boy that I grew inside of me for 9 months,” but notes, “On the other hand, I was scrutinized and harassed by thousands, which even included major media outlets whom all seemed to believe he wasn’t real. I am beyond disgusted by it all.”

“Being a new mom, I wanted to feel the joy and excitement and be able to share such a beautiful time of my life,” says Jungwirth, before adding, “For all of you who think doing this to myself and my innocent child is okay, you’re highly mistaken.” After pointing out that if the same were said about her critics, they probably would have “hold back as much” as she has, Jungwirth resolves, “I will be strong enough to continue to embrace this journey, love my son endlessly and be kind to those who do not deserve it even if it’s the last thing I’d like to do.”

Jungwirth ends by wishing a “Happy Mother’s Day to myself,” and says, “I’m proud to be Freddie’s mommy.” Check out the video below of Jungwirth with Freddie, just hours before Mother’s Day. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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