Briana Jungwirth Does NOT Think She’s “Dating” Louis Tomlinson, Despite Report

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Briana Jungwirth Dating Louis Tomlinson Again February 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Briana Jungwirth Dating Louis Tomlinson Again February 2016

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Briana Jungwirth does NOT think she’s “dating” Louis Tomlinson again simply because they’re co-parenting, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim.

In Wednesday’s new issue of In Touch, it’s alleged there’s “baby mama drama” because Jungwirth thinks she and Tomlinson are “back on” in the wake of their son’s birth last month. “Briana and Louis have been staying together at the L.A. home he rented for her,” writes the magazine, which is supposedly what makes Jungwirth think they’re a couple.

“Briana was threatening legal action before [over Louis not stepping up financially], but since they’ve been playing house, she’s been elated,” claims a so-called “source.” And what about Tomlinson’s new romance with actress Danielle Campbell? The supposed snitch says, “It’s as if Briana considers Danielle nonexistent. I think she thinks she could be with Louis forever.”

But it’s not Jungwirth who’s delusional. It’s In Touch. Last month, the tabloid falsely claimed Tomlinson was demanding a DNA test and sister publication Life & Style wrongly alleged Jungwirth was going to sue over child support. Gossip Cop busted both stories and correctly pointed out that the two parents are living separately while Tomlinson is committed to providing for her and their son.

Since all is well, the gossip rag is now backtracking to make it look like Jungwirth is crazy. The outlet’s source even says, “Louis has moved on, but Briana clearly hasn’t.” No, that would be In Touch who isn’t moving on. Tomlinson and Jungwirth understand their dynamic and have boundaries, and it’s time the tabloid did, too.


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