Tom Hanks Not Giving Acting Lessons To “Suicidal” Brian Williams, Despite Report

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Tom Hanks Brian Williams

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Hanks Brian Williams

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Tom Hanks is not giving Brian Williams acting lessons nor is the newsman “suicidal” following his suspension from NBC after embellishing accounts in Iraq, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story, which was published in a tabloid this week. We’re told the claims are “not true.”

In a shameless piece titled, “Hanks Out To Save ‘Suicidal’ Williams,” the National Enquirer alleges the Oscar winner is helping his pal transition from being a newsman to actor. In a string of fake-sounding quotes, the tabloid has a so-called “insider” say, “Tom thinks Brian has got what it takes to even become an actor,” and has supposedly “been giving Brian acting lessons.” What’s more, says the magazine’s source rather unnaturally, “Brian’s very good at slipping into character and pretending he’s someone else. But then, I guess he’s had years of practice.”

The tabloid then has a so-called “friend” add that Williams “seems like he might even be suicidal.” So, what else does the magazine say about Williams being “suicidal” other than the headline and this one random quote? Nothing, and that’s because there’s nothing true about it at all. The Enquirer simply wanted to do a sensational headline involving Williams, and is skirting any possible legal issues by vaguely saying he “seems” suicidal.

Other than stating that Hanks and Williams are friends, which is widely known, the rest of the article is a series of untruths, Gossip Cop has learned. We checked in with people close to both Williams and Hanks and were similarly told the tabloid’s claims are “not true.” A Williams source tells Gossip Cop he is “not suicidal,” while a Hanks insider confirms there’s been no talk of Williams switching careers and becoming an actor.


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