Brian Nhira “The Voice” Knockout Video: Watch “Grenade” Performance!

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Brian Nhira Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Brian Nhira Voice Knockout Video

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Brian Nhira received a standing ovation from two of the coaches on “The Voice” on Monday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Nhira was originally on Team Pharrell and won over Adam Levine with his “Battle” performance of Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” So when Nhira was up for the steal, Levine hit his button, and the contestant chose to join Team Adam. Now with the “Knockouts,” Levine joked, “I can’t wait for Pharrell to cry because he gave me Brian.”

Nhira chose Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” for the performance, and after his first take in rehearsal, Levine even said, “I knew you were good. But did I know how good til right now? No.” Key adviser Miley Cyrus encouraged Nhira to go “all out,” and he certainly did when it mattered most. Levine and Pharrell even both gave a standing ovation.

Blake Shelton said afterward, “Brian came out here and poured gas on the stage and dropped a match on it. It was crazy.” Referring to Nhira’s opponent Nate Butler, the country superstar went on, “When you finished, I was thinking ‘This poor Nate guy.'”

“Brian, your style and what you bring to the table is so alive,” Christina Aguilera told him. “There was so much intensity with your performance. I felt your heart breaking.” Pharrell went on to say, “Your energy was on a 10. Your voice was on a 10. Your way to leave me in the dust was a 10.”

Levine told Nhira, “You accomplished what Bruno accomplished: You sang the crap out of it. It was like your own song.” And though he loved Parker’s performance, too, the coach said he had to choose the person he couldn’t “survive without.” And that was Nhira. Check out the video below!


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