Brendan Fletcher ‘Angel’ “The Voice” Video: Watch Top 8 Performance!

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Brendan Fletcher Angel The Voice Video

By Shari Weiss |

Brendan Fletcher Angel The Voice Video


Brendan Fletcher performed his version of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” for “The Voice” on Monday. Check out the video below!

A member of Adam Levine’s team, Fletcher broke out in a big way last week with a new interpretation of “True Colors.” The stunning rendition ended up placing second on the iTunes singles chart. Now it seems the bartender could end up being season 11’s dark horse candidate.

Keeping in mind his success with “True Colors,” Fletcher and Levine decided to put their own spin on one of McLachlan’s signature ballads. “‘Angel’ just felt like the honest response to last week,” the Maroon 5 front man explained in rehearsal. Fletcher also admitted he had a personal connection to the song due to the recent death of a friend.

Following the live performance, Levine gave his artist a standing ovation. But it was Blake Shelton who spoke first, saying, “You, more than anybody else, has had the most consistent growth… Every week you rank high and higher, and I think it’s because your voice is so infectious.”

Levine then said, “I’m such a shameless Brendan supporter, I’m just going go straight down to it… You should vote for him if you want something different.” And voting for Fletcher could take him from the Top 8 to next week’s Top 4 finale. Watch below!


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