Bree Olson On ‘Howard Stern’: Charlie Sheen Lying, Never Told Me He Was HIV Positive

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Bree Olson Charlie Sheen Lying HIV

By Andrew Shuster |

Bree Olson Charlie Sheen Lying HIV

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Bree Olson claimed on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” that Charlie Sheen never revealed to her he was HIV-positive, despite the actor saying on the “Today” show that he had told every sexual partner about his diagnosis. Listen to the audio below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Sheen confirmed on the “Today” show he contracted the HIV virus. During the interview, Matt Lauer asked, “Have you told every one of your sexual partners, before you had a sexual encounter, that you were HIV-positive?” Sheen emphatically replied, “Yes I have… No exception.”

After Stern played the interview segment for Olson, an ex-porn star who had been dating Sheen around the time of his diagnosis, she responded, “It’s bull[expletive].” When the radio host asked if she planned to confront Sheen about allegedly lying, she answered, “No, because he doesn’t even value my life.” She added, “There’s plenty of girls, I’m sure, that he’s had in his life who don’t get tested regularly like I do.”

Olson went on to express her opinion that because of her connection to Sheen, “Anytime someone hears my name, they think of HIV right next to it.” During the interview, Olson also brought in her blood test to prove she has a clean bill of health and did not contract the virus. Listen to Olson’s “Howard Stern” interview below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

UPDATE: Sheen’s camp is claiming that he and Olson broke up before he first tested positive for HIV, so there was no way he could have possibly told her during their relationship. His team further maintains he was still testing negative following their breakup, and that they have not spoken since 2011.


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