Brandon Rogers “America’s Got Talent” Audition Video: “AGT” Airs Late Doctor’s Try-Out At Family’s Request – WATCH

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Brandon Rogers AGT Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Brandon Rogers AGT Audition Video


The “America’s “Got Talent” try-out of late doctor Brandon Rogers aired as the very last audition of season 12, as seen on Tuesday’s show. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was revealed in June that Rogers died in a car accident, some time after he tried out for “America’s Got Talent.” A 29-year-old doctor who graduated from medical school last year, he was killed in a single-vehicle accident after the driver of his car lost control and crashed into a tree. Tragically, he died of his injuries, though the driver and another passenger survived.

After the news of his death broke, NBC declined to comment on whether it would still broadcast his audition, which was said to have been received well by the judges. Now at the end of the last audition episode for this season, a black title card announced Rogers’ passing. The message added, “At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you.”

The footage then showed Rogers saying how he was inspired by his mom, and telling the panelists how he practices family medicine. “I don’t think we’ve ever had a doctor on one of these shows,” Simon Cowell said. The aspiring star responded, “I’ll be the first. I’ll take it.” He then went on to belt “Ribbon In The Sky,” and all the judges gave a standing ovation.

Heidi Klum exclaimed, “The doctor is really handsome and the doctor can sing. I really enjoyed that. There’s something so special about your voice. It’s working for me.” Mel B similarly said, “You’re good-looking. Tick. You can sing. Tick. And the fact that you help people. Tick. I think you’re great.”

“You have real control and passion and you can be a star,” Howie Mandel told Rogers. “You spent so much time going down that medical road. I think it was a waste of time and schooling because you should be a singer.” And Cowell said, “Your vocal is stunning.” He added, “I want to say something. I’ve never said this before to a doctor: You’re sick. Really sick. You’re one of the best singers we’ve had in the competition so far, I’ve gotta tell you.”

The footage then showed Rogers joyously calling his parents to tell them he “made it.” After that, the screen went dark, with a new title card stating his birth and death dates, along with, “Thank you for sharing your talent.” The audition aired on the one-month anniversary of Rogers’ passing. Watch the moving videos below.

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