“Pretty Little Liars” Actor Brandon Jones Facing Prison For Felony Firearm Assault

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Brandon Jones Gun Prison

By Shari Weiss |

Brandon Jones Gun Prison

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“Pretty Little Liars” actor Brandon Jones is facing more than five years in prison for allegedly flashing a gun during an argument.

Jones, who has appeared on 12 episodes of “Pretty Little Liars,” had a dispute with his girlfriend’s neighbor on March 24. The argument escalated to the point where Jones flashed, but did not fire, a handgun. But because he pointed it at the other man, he’s been charged with felony assault with a firearm.

But that’s not all. Jones is also facing a misdemeanor count of exhibiting a deadly weapon, as well as another misdemeanor charge of exhibiting a concealable firearm in public. The latter is for a separate incident from last October, but it’s unclear what happened.

He faces up to five and a half years behind bars if convicted on all counts. Jones’ rep, however, tells TMZ that the actor will be cleared. “It is our understanding that the gun in Mr. Jones’ possession was fully legal and registered, that he was on his girlfriend’s private property, and that he and his girlfriend felt that they were under threat in a dispute with neighbors,” says the spokesperson.

The rep declined to comment further when contacted by Gossip Cop. Jones last appeared on “Pretty Little Liars” nearly a year ago, in June 2015. He is expected to guest-star on the new season of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt,” which premieres on Friday.


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