Brandi Glanville Nativity Photo Slammed

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Brandi Glanville Nativity Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Brandi Glanville Nativity Photo

(Brandi Glanville/Facebook)

Brandi Glanville is getting slammed for seemingly mocking the birth of Jesus. See photo right and below.

Late Friday, Glanville posted a photo on social media showing herself inside a Nativity display. She is squatting over an object meant to represent baby Jesus, as if she was giving birth. She wrote in the caption, “Never forget the reason for the season #sweetchildomine #gunsnroses #sandiego #oldtown.”

Since displaying the picture on Facebook and Instagram, the former “Real Housewives” star has been inundated with comments ripping her actions. On Facebook, the top comment with nearly 400 “likes” reads, “Brand[i] you look like a nice person, and that’s why I like your page. But this is so offensive and out of control, really make me rethink if you are crazy, or only looking for attention. Grow up!!!!!!”

Another person exclaimed, “Wow, just wow!! You managed to offend practically everyone with this post. Are you stupid or something?” A different individual wrote, “You remind your ex everyday why he was smart to get out sooner than later and give the new wife reasons to sleep well at night. Poor kids. You’ll be answering The Most High for this one…pitiful!”

And on Instagram, where the picture has since been deleted though the corresponding tweet remains, someone said in a lengthy comment, “I love a bit of sarcasm and tongue in cheek jokes — in fact I love it! But being so crass about something like this is disgusting — especially if you are a public figure, wait, actually as any effing human being! And it’s not because of my religious beliefs — no religion and something this contentious shld be made fun of. So yes, there are some moments you need to keep some of your opinions to yourself — pretending to give birth to Jesus is definitely one of them. And if this makes me a hater, I’ll wear that label with pride. The end.”

That response appeared on a subsequent post, in which Glanville wrote, “With friends in SD — calm down.” And some fans were indeed “calm” and expressing support. “Be yourself and ignore the comments. I adore you because you don’t hold back. People need to either get over that, or look the other way. That simple,” said one.

Another similarly wrote, “Keep being yourself. People on social media are judgy and nuts.” And someone else simply said, “I thought it was a funny picture. I appreciate your humor.” Check out the full photo below. UPDATE: Glanville has since tweeted, “People need to chill the f*ck out and take a joke.”

Brandi Glanville Jesus Picture

(Brandi Glanville/Facebook)

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