“Brady Bunch” Cast Reunites On “Today” Show – WATCH VIDEO

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Brady Bunch Reunion

By Shari Weiss |

Brady Bunch Reunion


“The Brady Bunch” cast reunited on the “Today” show on Monday. Watch the video below!

Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter), Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy) sat down for a live interview with Matt Lauer nearly 48 years after the iconic sitcom first aired and 43 years after it ended. Missing without explanation were Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Eve Plumb (Jan). The morning show reunion came six months after the death of Florence Henderson, who played the matriarch of the “bunch.”

Her former on-screen children had nothing but kind things to say now in her memory. “She was great humanity,” Knight told Lauer. “Everyone she met felt better about themselves, and about the world around them, after having spent a moment with Florence.” Williams called their beloved co-star a “mentor” and “friend,” and an example of how to be “gracious” with fans.

“Mostly,” he went on, “she loved to make people laugh.” Added Lookinland, “A movie set, or a TV show, can be tense… She could light up the room and lighten the mood, and she just did it naturally and we all benefit from that.” Henderon’s legacy endures, as does the series’.

Commented Knight, “It’s as though the show keeps us young in everyone’s mind, but we’re really this old.” Added Williams, “The other thing is everyone always refers to us as kids. No matter how we mature, we’re still the kids.” Olsen said she isn’t bothered by that, but not everyone agreed.

“I had to reach peace with it in my 20s, because I tried to get away from it, thinking it would die,” Knight admitted. “Then I had an epiphany that it was always going to be in the room before me. It was always going to be in the room after me.” Observed Olsen, “You spend a little while trying to run away from it, but you can’t.”

And with never-ending repeats, Lookinland noted they’re on their third or fourth generation of viewers. “Our [original] fans have grandchildren,” he pointed out. And Olsen argued there’s still a “need” for wholesome programming like “The Brady Bunch.” Check out the full interview in the video below!

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