Truth About Bradley Cooper’s Secret Romances

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Bradley Cooper standing at a podium in a tuxedo

By Hugh Scott |

Bradley Cooper standing at a podium in a tuxedo

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Since Bradley Cooper’s breakup with Irina Shayk, the tabloids have linked him to almost half the women in Hollywood. The new theme, however, is that he’s keeping all of these romances a “secret.” Gossip Cop has busted a number of these false reports claiming he’s recently dated Anna Wintour, Ana de Armas, Katie Holmes and Renée Zellweger.

Late last year, In Touch strongly implied Cooper was on the verge of dating Vogue editor Anna Wintour. According to the bogus article, Wintour and Cooper were seen boarding a flight from London to New York right before Christmas and a supposed “onlooker” said, “They seemed so at ease with each other, it almost looked like they were a couple.” Wintour is 25 years Cooper’s senior, but more importantly, she is married, as Gossip Cop pointed out when we debunked the ridiculous allegation.

A month later, In Touch’s sister paper, the National Enquirer, falsely reported that Cooper was trying to quietly woo his former War Dogs co-star Ana de Armas. The phony report came days after the two were photographed speaking to each at an awards luncheon. The tabloid thought it was a good idea to invent a completely bogus story saying Cooper was smitten and had invited de Armas over for dinner. The claim wasn’t true, as Gossip Cop explained after double-checking with someone close to the actor. De Armas is also often the subject of bogus contentions by the tabloids.

Just a week later, NW purported Cooper was secretly dating Katie Holmes. According to an unnamed source, the two stars “live only a few blocks from one another and bumped into each other in their local coffee shop one day.” This was all it took for the two to become “Undercover Lovers,” according to the outlet’s headline. A source claimed, “In the three months since, romance has blossomed.” Gossip Cop also debunked this doozy at the time, confirming it was false with Holmes’ spokesperson, who told us she doesn’t even know Cooper.

Most recently, OK! alleged Cooper and his ex, Renée Zellweger, were secretly back together. This time the supposed source said the two ran into each other during awards season and, “Once they got to chatting, it was clear to both of them that the chemistry was still there.” This source also claimed, “It’s very low-key and neither of them is getting too carried away. But Renée’s cautiously optimistic that they could have what it takes to make it work this time. Bradley’s excited to be giving things a chance too.” Much like the de Armas story, this story was invented by the publication after the two were photographed at the Academy Awards together, as Gossip Cop explained.

Believe it or not, that’s just in the last two months. In 2019, Gossip Cop busted stories alleging Cooper had dated Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston and, of course, Lady Gaga. He was never dating any of them, nor is he secretly dating anyone now.


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