Bradley Cooper And Sienna Miller Discover “Nutscaping” On ‘Graham Norton’ (VIDEO)

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Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller Nutscaping Graham Norton

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller Nutscaping Graham Norton

(Graham Norton Show)

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller learned all about “nutscaping” on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show.” The new selfie trend involves men taking pictures of beautiful scenery while lowering their testicles into the top of the frame. Watch the funny video below!

Cooper and Miller appeared on the British show to promote their new movie Burnt, but Norton was more interested in discussing the male scrotum. He introduced the two stars to a website called Nutscape, which features a collection of photos that depict picturesque views sprinkled with a little extra scenery.

In the first photo, the man’s testicles were dipped above boulders and a blue sky. “Now, am I crazy? That’s one nut,” Cooper said. “No, it’s two nuts,” Miller insisted, to which Norton clarified, “They are outside, it’s quite chilly.”

In the second nutscape photo, a man’s parts dangled over a gorgeous mountainside. Miller thought, “That’s not a nut. That’s an eclipse.” Meanwhile, a third photo showed a guy’s lopsided scrotum hanging over a seaside cliff. A startled Miller yelled, “He needs to get that checked! There’s something wrong with that nut.”

More nutscapes are featured in the video below, including Norton’s favorite one in which a man perfectly aligned his sack over a sunset. Watch Cooper and Miller’s hilarious reaction to “nutscaping” in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think. As a bonus, also check out the video below in which Cooper talks about the time a paparazzo captured a photo of his bare butt.


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