Bradley Cooper NOT Secretly Married, Despite Rumors

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Bradley Cooper Secretly Married

By Daniel Gates |

Bradley Cooper Secretly Married


Bradley Cooper is NOT secretly married, despite renewed speculation about his relationship with girlfriend Suki Waterhouse after HLN misinterpreted its own interview with the actor. See the video below.

In the clip, Cooper is asked about the training he did to get into character for American Sniper. The star specifically talks about the weight he gained and the Texas lilt he adopted, which Cooper called the “stepping stone” into the life of his character, the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

“It was very challenging, and I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get to that place of actually being at ease with both of those things, but once it happened, it informed everything,” explains Cooper. “I mean it informed the way I interacted with my wife, everything, everything. The way I walked into a room, the way I walked, the way I breathed. It changed everything.”

In context, it’s clear Cooper is referring to Kyle’s wife, played in the movie by Sienna Miller. He’s talking about how he used the weight gain and the accent to inhabit his character, and that it affected his interaction with his character’s wife.

But HLN apparently wanted to stir things up, so it posted the interview under the headline, “Wait, is Bradley Cooper secretly married?!?” It claims he “may have accidentally dropped [a] bombshell.” And while the outlet raises the possibility that Cooper was talking about his character, it stresses that he may have just slipped up and revealed a secret real-life marriage.

He did not. A source close to Cooper tells Gossip Cop it’s “not true” that he’s married, confirming that he was just talking about the movie. There you have it. Watch the interview that started the rumor below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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