Did Bradley Cooper Inspire Leonardo DiCaprio To Propose To Camila Morrone?

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Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio attend the 20th Annual AFI Awards

By Laura Broman |

Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio attend the 20th Annual AFI Awards

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Did Bradley Cooper inspire Leonardo DiCaprio to propose to his girlfriend, Camila Morrone? That’s what one tabloid claimed a year ago, but it was totally false. Gossip Cop busted it then and the story remains untrue.

On February 11, 2019, Woman’s Day published an article claiming DiCaprio proposed to his girlfriend on a recent trip to Thailand with a $3.7 million ring. The tabloid alleged that DiCaprio was inspired to pop the question by seeing his “close pal” Cooper settle down with his then-girlfriend Irina Shayk, whom he had been dating since 2015.

Gossip Cop investigated the premise last year and exclusively debunked it as false. We checked in with a spokesperson for DiCaprio, who assured on the record us he did not propose to Morrone. Furthermore, while this is hardly the central issue, Cooper and Shayk were not married or even engaged, so citing Cooper as DiCaprio’s inspiration for proposing is a little confusing. This was just another case of a tabloid inventing nonsense about their favorite movie stars.

In the year that has passed, it has become even more evident that the story was a work of fiction. It’s true that Morrone and DiCaprio are still together – she even accompanied him to the Academy Awards this week, turning heads for many as DiCaprio has usually brought his mother as his Oscar date in the past. But no engagement or marriage announcement has been made, and Morrone has been photographed dozens of times without a multi-million dollar ring on her finger. Also – and, again, this really isn’t the central issue here – Cooper and Shayk did break up later that year, never having made any kind of official commitment of the kind the tabloid implies.

DiCaprio is known for being fairly private about his personal life – but of course that hasn’t stopped the tabloid world from engaging in a lot of ridiculous speculation. Last November, we did a roundup of all the other times Gossip Cop has had to bust tabloids for making up stories about DiCaprio and Morrone getting married. NW even claimed Brad Pitt would be the best man at the couple’s upcoming “shotgun wedding.”It was all nonsense, of course.

The National Enquirer, meanwhile, took things in an entirely different direction. The tabloid has claimed twice in the past two months that rather than tying the knot, DiCaprio was planning on ending his relationship with Morrone because of too much pressure from his mother to propose. Gossip Cop dismissed both those stories as false. Whether or not Morrone and DiCaprio get married in the future, break up, or something in between, it’s clear that none of these tabloids have any insight into their relationship.


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