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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have been at the center of many false tabloids stories amid the release of a A Star Is Born. Gossip Cop has debunked many bogus claim about the co-stars. Here are five wrong rumors.

Earlier this week, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming that Cooper didn't invite girlfriend Irina Shayk to some premieres of his new movie because he wanted to walk the red carpet with Gaga instead. In reality, Cooper and Shayk have a very private relationship and choose to keep it out of the spotlight. The actor even explained on "The Howard Stern Show" that he skips red carpet appearances with his girlfriend to avoid media scrutiny. Meanwhile, Shayk attended the film's premiere at the Venice Film Festival to support her boyfriend, but the two chose to walk the red carpet separately.

Gossip Cop also corrected Woman's Day Australia earlier this week after the magazine wrongly reported that Cooper and Gaga's friendship was upsetting his girlfriend. The outlet contended that the supermodel was "rattled" by her boyfriend's bond with his co-star and her jealousy was resulting in major fights. The outlet failed to mention that Gaga is engaged to talent agent Christian Carino, so it's not as if Cooper is getting close to a single woman. Regardless, around the same time the article was published, photos emerged of Cooper and Shayk looking "completely smitten" while strolling through New York City with their young daughter.

Earlier this month, Gossip Cop shot down a similar In Touch story alleging that Cooper and Shayk were headed for a split over his friendship with Gaga. The unreliable outlet said the supermodel wasn't happy that her boyfriend kept "raving" about his co-star, and it was "just a matter of time before Bradley and Irina call it quits." But shortly before the magazine wrote is bogus story, Cooper and Shayk were photographed laughing while strolling down the street in New York City with their baby girl. The supermodel even had her arm wrapped around her boyfriend in some of the images. There are clearly no issues between the happy couple.

Last month, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for making up a story about Jennifer Lawrence being furious with Cooper for casting Gaga in A Star Is Born instead of her. The story was baseless. For starters, Lawrence praised the movie during an interview on Marc Maron's "WTF" podcast earlier this year and called Cooper "an amazing director." Also, Lawrence revealed on "The Late Show with David Letterman" in 2014 that she has a terrible singing voice, so the idea that she believed she'd be right for the role doesn't make sense. The actress's rep also went on to the record to dismiss the report.

And finally, Gossip Cop called out Life & Style in January for claiming that Cooper was worried about A Star Is Born bombing at the box office. The tabloid alleged that the actor, who also co-wrote and directed the film, felt it needed reshoots and that Gaga's performance was weak. In reality, the release date of A Star Is Born was pushed back from May to October because Warner Bros. was impressed with the film and wanted it to debut during awards season. Meanwhile, Cooper raved about Gaga while he was still editing the movie last year.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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