Top Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Rumor Of 2019: Having A Baby Together

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side by side photos of Lady Gaga in black and white next to Bradley Cooper in a grey and blue suit on a white background

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Lady Gaga in black and white next to Bradley Cooper in a grey and blue suit on a white background

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Bradley Cooper’s had an eventful year. He split from longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk. He watched A Star Is Born clean up at the awards show early this year and produced Joker, which turned into a billion-dollar monster at the box office. Most impressively, he managed to survive the never-ending onslaught of rumors about his relationship with co-star Lady Gaga.

There’s no other option for our winner of the Top Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Rumor of 2019. We’re awarding In Touch‘s June cover story about Cooper splitting with Shayk to pursue a relationship with a pregnant Gaga. It’s the perfect encapsulation of the rumor that’s been on everyone’s mind for most of the year.

The outlet made great use of its cover, slathering it with lines about “Gaga and Bradley’s Baby Shocker!” and “hotel hookups” between the two stars. As evidence, the tabloid uses the age-old accusation that Gaga was “glowing and hiding a baby bump.” The outlet was confident that “the only person it could be is Bradley’s” and expected the singer to announce the child’s paternity for some reason.

The entire situation was “Irina’s worst nightmare,” the outlet’s anonymous source said. Though Gaga and Cooper had been “very secret” and only dated “on the down-low” out of “respect” to Shayk, the source said they were “overjoyed about finally being together.” Despite how much of a “thrill” they got from sneaking around, the two were ready to move past their secretive hotel meetups, the tipster added.

Neither star planned on marrying the other due to their shaky histories with marriage, the insider said. They mutually put a wedding low on their list of priorities. The baby, the source concluded, “could solidify their relationship” however.

As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time of the initial bust, the duo’s on-screen romantic chemistry doesn’t translate to reality. Spokespeople for Cooper and Gaga respectively have told us that there’s no romance between the two. Gaga has directly dismissed the rumors and called them silly. She’s even gone through an entire relationship since this rumor was published. No baby or dates with Cooper have surfaced.

Even In Touch seems to have moved on. In September, it settled for “reporting” that the romance between Gaga and Cooper ended over all of the attention it drew. It seems like the outlet was tired of covering the two stars and closed the chapter on the fictional couple itself.

In a way, the whole idea is a fascinating look into the world of gossip. The most intensely talked about dating rumor this year was the result of a chance meeting and an intense performance at the Oscars. The tabloids were forced to pivot to a romance that someone else invented for once. Once the public discovered the spark between the two stars, the gossip media had no choice but to follow. Regardless of who started the rumor, however, Gossip Cop will keep shutting down false reports just like it.


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