Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Romance Ended Over All The Attention They Received?

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Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Romance Ended

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Romance Ended

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A tabloid claims Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s so-called “romance” ended because the actor couldn’t cope with all of the attention they were receiving. Nothing about the story is remotely true. As Gossip Cop has stressed, the A Star Is Born co-stars were never couple, so being in the spotlight didn’t destroy their nonexistent romance.

“Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga: What Went Wrong?” reads a headline in the latest issue of In Touch. The accompanying article notes that the singer appears to be dating her sound engineer, Dan Horton, who she was spotted kissing in late July. The outlet goes way off base, however, when it contends that Gaga’s new relationship is coming on the heels of one with Cooper.

“They truly loved each other, which they freely admitted, and which was clearly evident whenever they were together,” a supposed source says about the co-stars. “But Bradley has commitment issues. Gaga was ready, basically screaming her love for him from the rooftops. It was Bradley who decided to hold off.”

The alleged insider goes on to say “it was all too much, too soon” for Cooper, adding, “All the attention they received was just so intense. Bradley tends to move slowly in relationships anyway.” The questionable tipster further asserts that the actor’s “head is all over the place” following his recent split from Irina Shayk, and he’s been having trouble navigating life as a single dad to the two-year-old daughter he shares with the model. “That’s why he was hesitant about jumping into another relationship,” adds the seemingly phony source.

From there, the suspicious insider says Gaga is still holding out hope that she and Cooper will reconcile, and she’s just using Horton as “a distraction” until that happens. “Deep down, Bradley still holds the key to her heart,” adds the seemingly fictitious source. “Some friends already say way too much time has passed. He secretly – and maybe stupidly – thinks they’ll find each other down the line. But Bradley’s indecision could have ruined his real chance of true love and happiness.”

Every aspect of the tabloid’s story is untrue. In reality, In Touch is attempting to backpedal after claiming for months that Cooper and Gaga’s “romance” was getting serious. In June, for instance, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely claiming Gaga was pregnant with Cooper’s baby. Shortly after that, the outlet made up a story about Gaga moving into Cooper’s New York City townhouse. Neither of those phony scenarios panned out.

It should also be noted, the unreliable publication can’t keep its bogus storylines consistent. In April, the tabloid insisted that Cooper wanted to marry Gaga. Five months later, the same magazine is saying their “romance” ended because he wouldn’t commit to her. These two false narratives don’t align at all.

This also isn’t the first time In Touch has tried to weasel its way out of the fake saga it created. Shortly after the singer was photographed kissing Horton, the tabloid similarly alleged Gaga started a romance with her sound engineer because Cooper refused to commit to her. Gossip Cop checked in with separate source close to both Cooper and Gaga, and we’re assured the co-stars “were never together in the first place” and the tabloid’s latest take on their dynamic simply “isn’t true.”


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