Is Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Movie ‘A Star Is Born’ In “Peril”?

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Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

By Michael Lewittes |

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s movie A Star Is Born is not “in peril,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can debunk this inaccurate claim. We’re told it’s “wrong.”

According to OK!, Cooper is “freaking out“ that Lady Gaga’s pain disorder fibromyalgia will affect the film. A so-called “insider“ tells the tabloid, “Bradley is worried she might not be well enough to do reshoots as needed. The magazine’s questionable tipster further alleges, “She’s also recorded an album’s worth of music for the movie, and he needs her help in editing it.” After having noted that the movie’s release date was moved up four months to May 18, 2018, the publication’s supposed “source” contends, “Gaga has tried to explain that if he keeps pushing her, her situation will only get worse, but he’s so wrapped up in the project he’s not paying attention.“

This is all coming from the same tabloid that untruthfully asserted more than a year ago that Lady Gaga was having a baby on her own. And it’s also the exact same magazine that falsely claimed on its cover that Cooper was dating Jennifer Lawrence. At the time those inaccurate articles were published, Gossip Cop exclusively corrected them. And with the passage of years, even if anyone doubted us back then, it’s become abundantly clear we had our fact and the publication was getting its intel from unreliable sources.

That appears to be the case again. Gossip Cop reached out to multiple sources connected to both Lady Gaga and Cooper, and not one could verify the claims that the director and co-star of A Star Is Born is “freaking out” about her ability to complete the movie and its soundtrack. Nor is the film “in peril,” as alleged. In fact, one individual directly involved with the production assures Gossip Cop that OK!’s story is entirely “wrong.”

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