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About a year ago we busted a rumor claiming that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga shared a romance that wouldn’t last because Cooper refused to commit. Gossip Cop takes a look back on that silly rumor one year later.

Jealous Gaga Waited For Cooper, But He Wouldn’t Settle Down

The crafters of this bogus report,  In Touch, put its spin on the Gaga/Cooper dating rumors stemming from their chemistry in A Star Is Born. Apparently, Gaga patiently waited for Cooper to break up with Irina Shayk, but he still wouldn’t settle down with Gaga. An anonymous tipster said the two are “meant to be together,” and this setback is only temporary as “Bradley isn’t about to let her slip away.”

Gossip Cop busted this story because Gaga and Cooper have never been romantically involved, no matter what destiny some bogus tipster says they share. We even checked in with a source close to the situation who said the article was nonsense. Gaga has publicly denied these rumors as well.

What Are Gaga And Cooper Up To Now?

Cooper remains focused on fatherhood and is not currently dating anyone, at least not publicly. Since this article ran, Cooper also fetched an Academy Award Nomination for producing Joker. He has loads of projects currently lined up, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and will direct a biopic on Leonard Bernstein. Last week, TMZ purported Cooper was "flirting" with Jennifer Garner in the wake of her breakup with boyfriend John Miller. While the two were spotted at the beach together, Gossip Cop dismissed the notion they were there as anything more than good friends.

Lady Gaga recently released a new album entitled Chromatica. She also plans to work with director Ridley Scott on a film about the Gucci family. As for her romantic life, she’s currently seeing Michael Polansky and the two appear to be quite close, though rumors of a marriage and babies are premature.

The Tabloid Hasn’t Relented

Strangely, this tabloid basically ran this story again in January, saying Gaga was moving on to a mystery man because Coper was “afraid of commitment.” It was wrong the first time, and so we busted it again the second time. Is this tabloid lazy or what? Mind you this tabloid also claimed Gaga was pregnant with Cooper’s baby at one point too. Gaga was not pregnant, and this tabloid knows nothing.

Cooper and Gaga shared electric chemistry in A Star Is Born, but newsflash In Touch: it was a movie, not a documentary. Just as Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t actually drown in Titanic, or how toys don’t really come to life as they do in Toy Story, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were never really in love.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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