Did Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Buy A House Together In Los Angeles?

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper attend Sam Elliott's Hand and Footprints ceremony in Hollywood

By Laura Broman |

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper attend Sam Elliott's Hand and Footprints ceremony in Hollywood

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did not buy a house together in Los Angeles last year. Gossip Cop debunked that rumor one year ago today. With the passing 365 days, it’s clear how ridiculous the story was.

An article published in OK! on March 20, 2019, was one of countless stories put out by tabloids in the months following the release of A Star Is Born, theorizing that something more was going on between its two co-stars. The rumors continued on into 2019 and beyond in part because of Gaga and Cooper’s romantic performance of their song, “Shallow,” at that year’s Oscars.

In this case, the tabloid was claiming Cooper and Gaga were getting engaged and moving in together. A questionable “source” told the tabloid that Cooper’s then-girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was planning on “moving out and taking their daughter with her.” Cooper, meanwhile, had allegedly joined Gaga in “looking for a love nest to call their own,” with “friends” speculating that “a proposal is likely to follow.”

This article was clearly nothing more than a lazy recycling of the same bogus rumors that had been repeated over and over again in the preceding months. A rep for Gaga assured Gossip Cop that nothing in the story was true when we reached out for comment. Lady Gaga herself had dismissed all the rumors in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Cooper and Shayk had been spotted out to lunch together earlier that week. The article was obviously nonsense.

The more time passes, the more obvious it is how silly this rumor was, along with all the others. Gaga and Cooper did not announce any engagement or secret marriage and they do not live together. In a November interview with Oprah Winfrey for Elle, Gaga dismissed every phony rumor about herself and Cooper, calling the press “very silly.” “Of course we wanted people to believe we were in love,” she said of the Oscars. “It was orchestrated as a performance.” Also, while Shayk and Cooper did split up in June,  she didn’t “take their daughter with her.” Cooper and Shayk continue to co-parent, with Cooper being seen with his daughter in New York last month.

Gossip Cop has also debunked an exhausting number of false rumors about Cooper and Gaga dating, and later breaking up. Once it was confirmed Gaga was dating businessman Michael Polansky, the narrative shifted towards how Gaga had “moved on” from Cooper with Polansky, as In Touch and other tabloids insisted. As usual, tabloids would rather bend reality to fit their own fantasies, rather than just reporting the facts.


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