Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner Both Want To Marry Lady Gaga?

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Bradley Cooper Jeremy Renner Lady Gaga Marry

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Jeremy Renner Lady Gaga Marry

(In Touch)

One of this week’s tabloids claims Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner both want to marry Lady Gaga. The story is completely ridiculous. As Gossip Cop has already reported, there’s no love triangle between the three stars.

According to In Touch, however, the singer “is at a crossroads” because both actors are supposedly vying for her affection. A supposed insider tells the outlet, “She’s torn between the two men and friends are telling her she has to choose – soon.” The alleged source further contends that Gaga’s pals are telling her to move on from her A Star Is Born co-star, who shares a two-year-old daughter with his girlfriend Irina Shayk, but she’s “so in love and thinks they are soulmates.”

On the other hand, “She’s gotten to know Jeremy and really likes him,” adds the questionable tipster, who goes on to say that Renner has been telling pals she’s “marriage material” and “he’s not with someone, so he will never break her heart.” The phony source adds that Cooper “always thought [Gaga] would be there waiting for him” when he was ready to leave the mother of his child, “so he was shocked when he found out she’d been spending all that time with Jeremy,” who he sees as “tough competition.”

“Friends say he could see himself married to her under the right circumstances,” adds the seemingly nonexistent insider, who believes the actor “may have waited too long, because look, now someone else has swooped in.” As for Gaga, the singer supposedly “can’t just switch off her feelings for Bradley,” but at the same time, “she’s putting all her energy into making things work with Jeremy.”

The tabloid’s account of events is pure fiction. For starters, separate reps for both Cooper and Gaga have assured us countless times they don’t have romantic feelings for each other. The co-stars got close while making A Star Is Born, but their relationship is completely professional and platonic. In fact, Gaga herself denied the romance rumors surrounding her and Cooper during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in February.

Additionally, Gaga’s rep already dismissed the rumors she’s dating Renner when they first emerged last month. E! News, a much more reliable source for celebrity reporting than In Touch, similarly confirmed that Gaga and Renner are “not romantic.” The singer is friendly with the Avengers star, but they haven’t been spotted on any dates and there’s nothing to indicate they’re more than pals.

Gossip Cop already called out In Touch a few weeks ago for trying to create an imaginary “love triangle” between Gaga, Cooper and Renner. There was no truth to the premise then and it’s no more accurate now. The tabloid has now escalated the scenario to both actors wanting to marry her, but this ongoing saga is baseless.


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