Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk Did NOT Stay Together To Help Win Oscar, Despite Claim

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Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Split

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Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Split

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk did not stay together to help the actor win an Oscar. The claim, made by a website on Monday, is both illogical and inaccurate. Gossip Cop can easily debunk the report, which is filled with numerous errors about their relationship and split.

According to RadarOnline, Shayk and Cooper only remained a couple in an effort to “win [him] an Oscar.” The blog further contends they tried to “fake it” until they no longer could. It then mentions how A Star Is Born “earned him a Best Director Academy Award nomination.”

Perhaps to lend credibility to its article, the outlet alleges it has inside information from a “source.” The unnamed and untraceable tipster shares how Cooper “really made an effort” with his longtime girlfriend during awards season, but the actor was “spending all of his time with Lady Gaga.” It then ends its mistake-riddled story by noting how, despite Cooper and the model trying to work things out, the movie star “confirmed his split with Shayk in early June.”

There’s so much that’s factually and provably untrue, it’s nearly impossible for Gossip Cop to believe the outlet has a legitimate source. For starters, how does staying together with a model help an actor win an Oscar? There’s literally no sane explanation for that. And the blog doesn’t even attempt to back up its preposterous premise or offer any particular reasoning for it. If indeed that were the case, wouldn’t Mark Wahlberg have a mantel full of Academy Awards, thanks to his wife Rhea Durham?

Of course, not only can’t the website explain its nonsensical belief that there’s a correlation between being with a model and winning an Oscar, but it then also doesn’t explain why after Cooper lost, he and Shayk would “fake it” as a committed couple for another three and a half more months before parting ways. Also significant is that Cooper did not earn a “Best Director Academy Award nomination” for A Star Is Born. In fact, there were literally thousands of articles that quoted Cooper himself saying he was “embarrassed” he was snubbed for a Best Director Oscar nomination.

Now let’s examine what the almost assuredly manufactured “insider” supposedly says. The purported “source” first notes how Cooper “really made an effort” to be with Shayk, which means he absolutely did not “fake it,” as the site earlier insists. The second half of the seemingly fabricated quotation then asserts Cooper was “spending all of his time with Lady Gaga,” which would indicate he was not truly making “an effort” to share time with his model girlfriend.

To recap: Dating a model does not mean the odds of winning an Oscar are increased. The supposed source’s quote is meaningless and contradictory. And Cooper was famously not nominated for a Best Director statuette. He did, however, receive a nod for Best Actor.

Finally, let’s carefully read the article’s last sentence. It says Cooper “confirmed his split with Shayk.” Where did he do that? Actually, the actor has yet to acknowledge their breakup. Nor has his spokesperson issued a statement about it.

The truth, which is missing in most of RadarOnline’s latest report, is that the blog has a track record for being wrong about the former couple. A full three years before this season’s awards shows, it published a piece that falsely maintained Cooper and Shayk had split up, and she was already with a “new man.” At the time, that was a lie. It appears the only ones who are faking it are the sources the outlet has been relying on for stories about Shayk and Cooper.


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