Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have been at the center of a lot of false tabloid stories in the wake of their recent split. A lot of these phony articles revolve around how the actor is supposedly coping with the breakup. Here are a few wrong rumors on the topic that Gossip Cop has busted.

Immediately after the couple split in June, the National Enquirer made up a story about Cooper "crying on Lady Gaga's shoulder." The magazine claimed the actor had turned to his A Star Is Born co-star for support amid his breakup with the model, who was said to be "mortified" by the actor confiding in Gaga. A source close to the singer, however, assured Gossip Cop that she wasn't helping Cooper navigate his split. Although the two are close friends, the actor simply wasn't seeking comfort in his on-screen partner.

The following month, the Enquirer recycled the same premise but applied it to a different female star. Instead of Gaga, the publication said Cooper was leaning on Jennifer Garner amid his split from Shayk. According to the outlet, Garner was giving her former Alias co-star "a shoulder to cry on" as he coped with the breakup. The magazine attempted to take the narrative even further by suggesting Cooper and Garner's friendship might turn "romantic."

Not a single aspect of the article was true. Cooper's own spokesperson told us on the record that he wasn't turning to Garner for emotional support. Meanwhile, the actress has been dating businessmen John Miller for more than a year, while Cooper has been focused on his career and his two-year-old daughter, whom he shares with Shayk. The former Alias co-stars are pals, but the scenario described in the magazine was baseless.

Later in July, Gossip Cop busted OK! Australia for falsely claiming Cooper was trying to convince Gaga to "go public" with their "romance" now that he was officially single. The tabloid said Cooper and Shayk had agreed not to step out with anyone else "for at least six month after their breakup," but the actor felt enough time had passed. In reality, Cooper and Gaga's relationship has always been platonic, as the singer herself made clear during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this year. Reps for both stars have also refuted the dating rumors surrounding them. Cooper had no intention of "going public" with a nonexistent romance to help get over Shayk.

And just last week, Gossip Cop called out Life & Style for wrongly reporting Cooper had moved his mom into his New York City townhouse to help him take care of his daughter. The publication claimed that actor was struggling with being a single father, so he invited his mom to move in with him and help out. The story was concocted simply because Cooper had moved in with his mother following his father's death in 2011. The actor did so to support his mom at the time, but he hasn't set up a similar arrangement following his split from Shayk. A trusted source close to Cooper assured us there was "no truth" to the story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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