Does Bradley Cooper really enjoy being away from longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk and their daughter Lea? That was the premise of a tabloid story from exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop said it was untrue at the time, and it remains false to this day. Oddly, the same magazine that made the claim spent the past 12 months posting articles featuring photos of Cooper having fun with his family.

On January 5, 2018, OK! published a story titled, "Bradley & Irina's Time-Out Strategy," and according to the tabloid, Cooper and Shayk felt spending long periods away from one another only helped their relationship. The magazine even quoted an alleged "source" as saying they "take pride" in their breaks from each other and view it as proof of their "independence." Gossip Cop investigated the claim 365 days ago, and we were assured by a source close to the actor that the premise of Cooper enjoying "time apart" from Shayk and his daughter was absurd.

As stated above, the same publication that made the claim posted several pieces on its website in the intervening year that completely contradicted its narrative about having a "time-out strategy." One particular report from October had the headline, "Bradley Cooper Is Putting Fatherhood 1st & Spending Every Moment He Can With His Daughter." In that article, the outlet quoted an interview the actor had recently given NPR in which Cooper discussed how having a child has changed him, adding that "having a family of my own... is a miracle."

In fact, in direct contrast to its storyline from the year before, the magazine often catalogued the many times Cooper spent family time with Shayk and Lea. While Gossip Cop won't link to those stories with photos of Cooper's child, out of respect for their privacy, it bears mentioning the very same outlet did a piece called, "Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Take Daughter Lea To An Easter Party," with pictures of them having fun in Los Angeles. And then just days later, the tabloid chronicled in images a "romantic outing" Cooper and Shayk had in Malibu while their daughter stayed home.

To be sure, there were many other articles in 2018 from OK! about Cooper, Shayk and Lea being "one happy family" and how he likes to spend "downtime with his daughter," taking her to parks and other fun places in both New York and California. As Gossip Cop has noted before, we sometimes revisit stories from a year ago to point out to readers which outlets they can and cannot trust over time. Ironically, the tabloid that said the actor enjoys "time apart" from his girlfriend and daughter was the same magazine that published well more than a half dozen pieces showing how Cooper is actually the ultimate family man.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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