Bradley Cooper’s Privacy Invaded, Despite Claims He Made ‘Public Appearance’ With Daughter

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Bradley Cooper Privacy Daughter

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Privacy Daughter

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Several online outlets this week published photos of Bradley Cooper and his daughter at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., where the actor honored his good friend Dave Chappelle. The images were widely described as the so-called “public debut” of Cooper’s child, but the actor was unaware any pictures would be taken and had no intention of introducing his daughter to the “public.” In reality, Gossip Cop has learned that Cooper’s privacy was invaded.

On Sunday, Chappelle was honored with the 22nd Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Cooper took the stage at the ceremony to honor his friend, who he cast in a supporting role in A Star Is Born. The evening was intended to be a tribute to Chappelle, but what ended up making headlines was Cooper bringing his daughter to the event. The only reason anyone is aware of this is because photographers sneakily snapped pictures of the father-daughter duo during a two-minute stretch where the actor brought her into the main ballroom.

Gossip Cop has learned that the actor – who’s intensely private when it comes to his personal life – brought his daughter to the event through an underground entrance, didn’t do the red carpet and stayed with her backstage for the majority of the evening. There was a two-minute period in which the actor sat with his little girl in the main room so she could briefly experience the exciting ceremony. Cooper and his rep were told there were no photographers in the house at the time, and he took his daughter out of the main room as soon as he learned her picture was being taken.

Unfortunately, dozens of media outlets used the photos of Cooper and his daughter to structure a story around the actor throwing some sort of coming-out party for his child. Harper’s Bazaar went so far as to write an entire paragraph describing the two-year-old girl’s outfit, calling it “her first red-carpet look.” Once again, Cooper didn’t bring his daughter anywhere near a red carpet.

On a positive note, several outlets respectfully agreed to take down the photos of the actor and his daughter after it was explained that they were taken without his permission. Getty Images, which collects photos from professional photographers and sells them for Internet distribution, also removed almost all of the images from its service. To its credit, Harper’s Bazaar took down the photos as well.

A source close to Cooper tells Gossip Cop that the headlines were disappointing as they emerged from an event that was intended to be focused on Chappelle. We’re told Cooper is “very close friends” with the comedian and was “humbled” to take the stage at his ceremony. The majority of the articles, however, only briefly mention Chappelle’s Mark Twain Prize, which should have been the main focus of any story about Cooper’s visit to Washington, D.C.

The situation brings up the broader issue of privacy laws for celebrity kids. In 2014, actress Kristen Bell launched the No Kids Policy, which aims to prevent media outlets from sharing paparazzi pictures of children who happen to have famous parents. The movement has picked up traction among Hollywood stars over the past few years, but it’s clear the campaign still has a long way to go.