Truth About Bradley Cooper Dating After Irina Shayk Split

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Bradley Cooper Dating Irina Shayk

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Dating Irina Shayk

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Bradley Cooper only split from Irina Shayk a few months ago, but he’s been wrongly linked to many famous women in the short time since. Gossip Cop can has debunked several bogus reports about who the actor is dating. Here are a few recent examples.

Shortly after the actor’s breakup in June, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for publishing a ridiculous story claiming Cooper was having a baby with Lady Gaga. The magazine alleged that the actor ended his romance with Shayk because he had fallen for his A Star Is Born co-star, with whom he was expecting a child. Nothing about the absurd report was remotely true. Cooper and Gaga have never been romantically involved, and she most certainly wasn’t pregnant with his baby. In fact, the singer is now dating her sound engineer, Dan Horton.

In July, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day for falsely claiming Cooper and Jennifer Garner were “more than friends.” The article emerged after the actor was spotted visiting his Alias co-star’s house in Los Angeles. The two stars have remained friendly since working together on their TV show several years ago, but they’re not a couple. In reality, Garner has been in a relationship with businessman John Miller for more than a year. She was even seen grabbing lunch with her boyfriend just days after the phony article was written.

Gossip Cop busted the International Business Times in August for making up a ridiculous story about Cooper dating Jennifer Aniston while Shayk dated the actress’s ex, Justin Theroux. Neither coupling was a reality. A spokesperson for Aniston dismissed the idea she was in a romance with Cooper, calling the rumor “complete nonsense.” Around the same time, E! News reported that Shayk “isn’t dating anyone” following her breakup. There was no “exes exchange,” as the unreliable blog put it.

And in September, New Idea attempted to create a fake romance between Cooper and Angelina Jolie. The magazine said the two stars had been “enjoying each other’s company,” but failed to provide any details beyond that general statement. The only reason the story was concocted was because both Cooper and Jolie were at Disneyland on August 23. However, they went to the theme park separately with their respective kids, and didn’t cross paths. Sources close to both stars assured Gossip Cop that the two weren’t hooking up. That’s become even more clear in the time since.

Gossip Cop should note, reliable outlets such as “Entertainment Tonight” have reported that Cooper isn’t making dating a “priority” following his split from Shayk and “is completely focused on his career and his daughter,” whom he shares with the model. We suspect that won’t stop the tabloids from continuing to link him to more famous women. We’ll continue to set the record straight.


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