Truth About Bradley Cooper And Angelina Jolie’s Relationship

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Bradley Cooper Angelina Jolie Truth Relationship

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Angelina Jolie Truth Relationship

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Bradley Cooper and Angelina Jolie don’t seem to know each other, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from falsely claiming there’s a romance developing between them. Gossip Cop has debunked many variations of the phony storyline. Here are a few examples.

New Idea kicked off the narrative last month with an article about a “romance brewing” between Cooper and Jolie. The magazine maintained that the two had been “enjoying each other’s company,” but didn’t bother to explain what that entailed exactly. The outlet only concocted the article because both stars coincidentally visited Disneyland on August 23. They were at the theme park separately with their kids and didn’t cross paths at all. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with sources close to both stars, who assured us the premise was nonsense.

Just a few days later, In Touch made up a story about Jolie being “on a mission” to date Cooper. According to the outlet, the two stars did supposedly meet each other at Disneyland, and after seeing “how amazing Bradley was with his daughter,” the actress couldn’t “stop thinking about him.” Unsurprisingly, the outlet felt the need to drag Lady Gaga into the equation, insisting she was going to “hit the roof” if Cooper started dating Jolie.

Nothing about the article was remotely true. As Gossip Cop noted at the time, both Cooper and Jolie were photographed separately at Disneyland, but there were no shots of them together. If they had truly spent time interacting at the theme park, someone would have noticed. An individual in Jolie’s camp also dismissed the idea that she was pursuing a romance with the actor. As for Gaga, she’s never been involved with her A Star Is Born co-star, so there’d be no jealousy there even if any of this were a reality, which it wasn’t.

Shortly later, OK! Australia jumped into the fold with a bogus article about Jolie using Cooper to cope with her son Maddox going off to college. The tabloid said the actress was trying to fill a void left behind by her oldest child going to school, and believed Cooper fit the bill. The story was both bizarre and illogical. For starters, Jolie still has five children living in her house, so it’s not as if she’s all alone and in dire need of companionship. Meanwhile, the idea that the actress needs a boyfriend to replace her son is just flat-out creepy.

And finally, Gossip Cop busted NW less than a month ago for falsely claiming Cooper and Jolie were having “secret sleepovers.” According to the outlet, the two stars were enjoying secret date nights at their Los Angeles homes, and these covert hookups involved the actor sneaking through the back door of Jolie’s house late at night. Separate individuals connected to both Cooper and Jolie laughed off the ridiculous story. As we’ve already stated, the two stars just don’t know each other. This crazy saga was created because both A-listers are currently single, and just so happen to enjoy taking their kids to Disneyland.


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