Truth About Bradley Cooper’s Involvement In Lady Gaga’s New Romance

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Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga New Romance Truth

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga New Romance Truth

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Bradley Cooper has no involvement in Lady Gaga’s apparent new romance with her sound engineer, Dan Horton, despite multiple reports claiming otherwise. Gossip Cop has debunked several phony article dragging the actor into the situation. Here are a few rumors we’ve busted.

Immediately after Gaga and Horton were spotted kissing during a lunch date in Los Angeles last month, Woman’s Day claimed it was because Gaga had “moved on” from Cooper with a new man. However, one can’t “move on” from someone they were never dating. The story was predicated on the false notion that the A Star Is Born co-stars had been a couple. Separate reps for both Gaga and Cooper have said countless times that they’re just close friends. Gaga’s new romance isn’t coming on the heels of an imaginary one with her co-star.

Shortly after that, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming Gaga was faking her romance with Horton just to make Cooper jealous. The tabloid insisted that the PDA between the singer and her colleague was staged in an effort to “make Bradley realize what he’s missing.” There’s nothing fake about Gaga’s new relationship, which has absolutely nothing to do with her co-star, who’s just a good pal.

Gossip Cop later called out In Touch for wrongly alleging Gaga only started dating Horton because Cooper refused to commit to her. According to the magazine, the singer believed she’d be able to openly date her A Star Is Born co-star following his split from Irina Shayk, but he still wouldn’t settle down and go public. The main problem with the bogus report was that Cooper and Gaga have never been romantically involved. The singer herself confirmed this in an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” earlier this year.

And finally, OK! Australia published a cover story claiming Cooper was “heartbroken” over Gaga’s new romance. The tabloid contended that although the actor was hesitant about going public with his co-star so soon after his breakup from Shayk, he was still deeply bothered by the photos of her kissing Horton. But just two weeks before the magazine published the story, it had written a contradictory one about Cooper being the one trying to convince Gaga to “go public.” Neither angle is remotely factual as the two stars have never been a couple. In reality, the tabloids have decided to arbitrarily involve Cooper in Gaga’s new romance, which simply doesn’t concern him.


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