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One tabloid this week is claiming that Brad Pitt’s supposed romance with Australian reporter Renee Bargh, has been officially “confirmed.” Gossip Cop looked into the story. There’s no truth to it.

In a new installment of the phony narrative it’s currently trying to push, New Idea is claiming to have “confirmed” Pitt’s alleged romantic relationship with the Extra reporter and Voice Australia co-host. The tabloid writes that “sparks flew” when Bargh interviewed Pitt on the red carpet at the SAG Awards and quotes Bargh as saying, “I think there’s always butterflies when Brad Pitt is around – I’m only human.” The media personality continued, “I’m always a little nervous to speak to him; you feel his presence before you see him.”

Renee Bargh interviewing Brad Pitt on the red carpet

The tabloid goes on to state that since Bargh left Hollywood for Australia to film The Voice, she and Pitt have been keeping in touch over FaceTime. The article also features photos of Bargh and Pitt as they appear to speak via video chat. “He’s one of a few true movie stats. He’s not just ridiculously beautiful but he’s got that X-factor and charm,” Bargh finishes.

Let’s address those photos first. They’re clearly meant to be taken as evidence that Bargh and Pitt have been video chatting with each other, but the photo of Pitt, at least, was taken from a video message he recorded a couple weeks ago for graduating seniors at Missouri State University. He was not having a conversation with Bargh.

Moreover, there’s this statement Bargh evidently gave to New Idea on the subject of Pitt. Gossip Cop has included the entirety of her quote as it was published in the tabloid. Assuming the quote is indeed real, at no point does she say she has any kind of relationship with him – she merely speaks warmly about him as a fan would. If the outlet could actually “confirm” their romance, why wouldn’t they include that part of her quote? She also uses Pitt’s first and last name there, indicating that she’s not on a first-name basis with him. The article’s claim just doesn’t add up.

Gossip Cop has already busted this tabloid for trying to push rumors of this particular random romantic pairing. Last week ago, it published an article alleging that Bargh and Pitt would soon be striking up a relationship, again on the basis of their supposed red carpet flirtations. In reality, Bargh was simply doing her job as an entertainment reporter: she wasn’t trying to start a relationship with Pitt, she’s just charismatic enough that she was able to get him to have a fun chat with her.

Let’s also not forget all the times this spring that Gossip Cop busted New Idea for insisting that Pitt was getting back together with Jennifer Aniston. In January, the tabloid reported that Pitt and Aniston were getting married again, for some reason at the French estate he co-owns with Angelina Jolie. Spokespeople for both Pitt and Aniston told us that story was entirely fictional. Evidently, the publication decided to abandon that narrative once it became obvious how bogus it was. Give it time, though – it’ll be back soon enough.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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