Has Brad Pitt’s fast food habit landed the actor with a sagging derrière? One tabloid claimed the Ad Astra star was pigging out on In-N-Out burgers and fries, and every extra calorie he ate was going straight to “one of his most notable assets.” Gossip Cop reviewed the report and would like to say a few words on the subject.

Brad Pitt "Saggiest Man Alive?"

The Globe reported earlier this year that “screen stud” Brad Pitt has been “stuffing his face” with fast food, and it’s starting to show, according to sources who spoke with the outlet. The tabloid, and it’s highly suspicious sources, used a photo of Pitt wearing a baggy pair of cargo pants as proof of his supposed “flab” filled behind and referred to the actor as the “Saggiest Man Alive!” A source explained to the outlet,

He’s never been one to hit the gym hard, and while Brad is still undeniably handsome, he’s starting to really sag in some key areas – mainly his butt.

Brad Pitt showcasing his chiseled physique as Cliff Booth in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Luckily for Pitt, and his rear end, the source insisted, “It’s dawned on him he’s losing his figure and needs to do something about it - like squats for his but and more weights for his upper body.” The tabloid noted that Pitt had been “cozying up to freckle-faced actress Alia Shawkat,” who had supposedly displayed a “liking for junk food herself!” The source then incorrectly claimed Shawkat was Pitt’s “girlfriend,” the two are merely friends. The insider went on to detail a typical night in for the pair.

Brad spends a lot of his downtime chomping on double burgers and fries and shakes, and slumming on the couch watching movies while crunching on M&M’s with his girlfriend.

Brad Pitt lounging on the couch eating chips in Quentin Tarantino's 'Jackie Brown'
(Miramax Films)

Another Paparazzi Photo Taken Out Of Context

“He’s lost that definition he always had up until his early 50s,” continued the insider, before adding, “He’s had a bad habit of gobbling down anything that’s within grabbing range, and now he knows that’s got to stop.” And with that, the absurd story finally came to an end. Tabloids love to take one photo, usually a paparazzi shot snapped at a strange angle, and use that photo to concoct an entire narrative around. This case is no different.

It’s impossible to tell the state of Brad Pitt’s derrière from the photo provided by the Globe, especially because it’s entirely covered by Pitt’s baggy pants. Besides, Pitt’s own rep denied the story. Pitt isn’t getting flabby or saggy, and if he did, he’d probably still look great.

The Globe is definitely not the place to go for any real news on Brad Pitt. This tabloid claimed in the beginning of the year that Pitt couldn’t stand Gwyneth Paltrow, to whom he was once engaged. Gossip Cop was told by Pitt’s spokesperson that this rumor was “totally false.”

The outlet also reported that Jennifer Aniston, Pitt’s ex-wife, was “starving” herself after being dumped by her ex-husband for a second time after he started seeing German model Nicole Poturalski. Aniston and Pitt had never rekindled their romance and have been happily divorced for nearly two decades. The actress was absolutely not “starving” herself, nor was she at all negatively impacted about the news of her ex-husband’s relationship. This tabloid was simply grasping at straws, which it often does.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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