Angelina Jolie Did NOT Find Photos Of Other Women On Brad Pitt’s Phone, Despite Report

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Brad Pitt Phone Photos Women Angelina Jolie

By Michael Lewittes |

Brad Pitt Phone Photos Women Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie did not find photos of other women on Brad Pitt’s phone, leading her to file for divorce, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this false claim. We’re told it’s “preposterous.”

Inside OK!’s cover story this week, the tabloid alleges Pitt’s “dalliances” with a number of women left her “increasingly stung.” The magazine claims “she found photos on his phone with everyone from flight attendants to biker babes at a motorcycle convention to Hollywood ingenues like Selena Gomez.” The publication’s so-called “source” contends it “led to a blowout fight.” “She understands why women want to meet him, but why would he have photos with these random women?” adds the outlet’s ill-informed source.

According to the publication, “on the heels of that argument” over the photos of him with other women, Jolie had hear rumors of Pitt allegedly having had “an affair” with his Allied costar, Marion Cotillard. Those whispers, asserts the tabloid, “really pushed Angie to the edge.” The magazine claims a “suspicious” Jolie pressed Pitt about whether “there was any truth” to the gossip, and while he denied it, “she wasn’t convinced” and was shocked “he would lie to her face after all they’d been through.” The outlet’s seemingly made-up insider is quoted as saying, in terribly unnatural language, that Pitt possibly cheating with Cotillard “hit too close to home” for Jolie because the French actress was “a costar, as Angie once was — in a sexy spy movie, no less — as well as an Angie look-alike.”

But none of it’s true. For starters, as Gossip Cop has repeatedly reported, Pitt and Cotillard had nothing but a professional on-set relationship. More importantly, Jolie didn’t decide to leave Pitt because she found photos on his phone of him with other women. An impeccable insider confirms to Gossip Cop that Pitt did not have any pictures of himself in any untoward manner with “flight attendants,” “biker babes,” or “Selena Gomez.”

While some women most assuredly wanted photos of themselves with the handsome star, he did not have any “dalliances” with them or an “affair” with Cotillard. Brangelina’s split resulted from the incident on the private jet, as well as overall differing views the couple had on how to parent their six children. A mutual friend of Gossip Cop and Pitt assures us the claim that Jolie found pictures of other women on his phone and it “led to a blowout fight” that resulted in her filing for divorce is completely “preposterous.”

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