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In the wake of a makeover and divorce, has Adele caught the eye of Brad Pitt? One tabloid claims to have the exclusive report, but Gossip Cop has the true report.

Someone Likes Brad Pitt?

It looks like New Idea’s most recent "exclusive story" about Pitt “seeking comfort” with Angelina Jolie must have been false, as it now boasts a new "exclusive story" about Pitt engaging in “a bit of banter” with Adele. According to an “exclusive insider,” let’s hope a different one from the last week’s bogus Jolie story, Pitt is “fascinated” by the “Rolling in the Deep” singer. “Brad not only thinks she’s beautiful,” the so-called insider says, “but she has him in stitches whenever they hang out together.”

This article is intentionally misleading about what started this alleged relationship. The tabloid states “Adele dedicated an entire two-hour concert to Brad following his 2016 split from Angelina Jolie.” Adele actually dedicated a Madison Square Garden concert to both Jolie and Pitt. She told the audience the concert was for them “because honestly, I'm really, really sad.” This was hardly some flirtatious dedication, but the tabloid wants the reader to think it was so it just tells a half-truth.

Pitt is apparently ready to make the leap with Adele, if this insider is to be believed: “Brad is hoping this thing between them might have a real shot.” This story seems sparked by a photograph of an almost unrecognizable Adele posted to her Instagram last week.

Just Another Fake Pitt Dating Rumor

Gossip Cop knows you know this story completely bogus. A source close to the situation told us the story was not true. Fans of Adele are speculating that she’s dating rapper Skepta because of some flirty Instagram comments, though that has not been confirmed.

This tabloid is constantly making up stories about Pitt’s love life. This is the same tabloid that stoked dating rumors between Pitt and reporter Renee Bargh just because the two had chemistry on the red carpet. In June, It claimed Pitt was dating Geena Davis. Pitt is single, and these were all outrageously false stories.

By far the most common target is his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. She’s come between him and Meghan Markle. Aniston has apparently clashed with Charlize Theron over Pitt as well and even argued with Friends co-stars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow over him. None of these stories are true, because Aniston has not reconciled with Pitt.

Gossip Cop is surprised New Idea didn’t manufacture outrage from Aniston toward Adele, but perhaps that’s planned for next week’s issue. Adele is not trying to date Brad Pitt or vice versa.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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