Brad Pitt's personal life remained one of the most popular topics in the tabloids in 2017, due in large part to his ongoing divorce with Angelina Jolie. But when the stories weren't about their breakup and when the gossip magazines weren't wrongly linking him to a bevy of women, the articles were typically about his supposed closeness with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Case in point: A November cover story from In Touch announcing, "Brad & Jen: A Second Chance At Love."

In busting this tall tale, Gossip Cop explained how it was part of a saga manufactured by the outlet. In June, the publication declared Pitt was "in love" with Aniston again and claimed he apologized for leaving her for Jolie. In August, the narrative continued with a cover story alleging Aniston was "breaking down" over her former husband's "love confession." A new chapter followed in October with the assertion that Pitt was "running back to Jen."

That all led to this installment, in which a so-called "source" maintained, "Brad would take a second chance at love in a heartbeat." And though it was said Pitt didn't want to come between Aniston and her current husband, Justin Theroux, the tabloid further alleged the actress ending her second marriage wasn't "out of the realm of possibility" due to purported relationship problems. Between that and Pitt supposedly wanting "much more of Jen in his life," the magazine asserted, "What that means for them in the future is very much up in the air."

But as Gossip Cop rightly said then, nothing was up in the air. We reported that Aniston intended to remain married, and she and Theroux are currently in Mexico on a New Year's vacation. Pitt, meanwhile, is still not pursuing a "second chance at love" with the spouse he divorced more than a decade ago. An impeccable contact close to the actor assured Gossip Cop the tabloid's storyline was "false," while Aniston's rep further told us it was "fabricated." Time has backed that up.

A number of online outlets, like Celebrity Insider, wrongly regurgitated the claims, which helped the internet become flooded with the misinformation to the point where it was dominating search results. Gossip Cop can only hope that in 2018, facts take priority over fiction. Regardless, we'll be here to separate the two as it relates to Pitt, Aniston and everyone else.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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