Brad Pitt Rejected By Tommy Lee Jones On ‘Ad Astra’ Set?

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Brad Pitt Tommy Lee Jones

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Brad Pitt Tommy Lee Jones

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Did Brad Pitt get the “cold shoulder” from Tommy Lee Jones on the set of their film Ad Astra? That’s what one of this week’s celebrity magazines is reporting. While Pitt’s not used to “rejection,” Jones had no interest in becoming buddies with him, contends the outlet. Gossip Cop, however, looked into the claim, and we’ve exclusively learned it’s all untrue.

According to the latest issue of Star, “There’s been awkwardness on the set of Ad Astra” after Pitt “tried to bond” with Jones and “got the cold shoulder.” To lend credence to its manufactured article, the tabloid quotes an unnamed and unidentifiable source as saying, “Most guys line up to hang with Brad, but Tommy was strictly business and even got grouchy.” “Tommy can be a bit of a snob, thanks to his Harvard years and friendships with people like Al Gore,” adds the supposed “tipster.”

The almost assuredly phony source continues, “Brad isn’t a hard guy to get along with, but Tommy just has zero interest.” After explaining that the movie is about an “Army space engineer [Pitt]… who journeys across a solar system to find his missing father [Jones],” the alleged tipster asserts, “Tommy didn’t take the role because he wanted to be close to Brad. He just likes a good sci-fi story.” “Tommy is unimpressed by Brad’s status in Hollywood,” concludes the seemingly fabricated source.

Before fully debunking this concocted tale, allow Gossip Cop to point out a number of red flags. For instance, the tabloid’s purported insider says, “There’s been awkwardness on the set of Ad Astra” and “Tommy just has zero interest” in becoming friends with Pitt. Those comments are made in the present tense, as if the movie is still in production, but Ad Astra finished filming nearly a year and half ago. In fact, Pitt posed for a photo posted to Instagram in November 2017 when the cast and crew celebrated its wrap party.

It should also be abundantly clear that the “tipster” is fake since that person not only knows about what happened on set, such as the younger star getting the “cold shoulder” from the older actor, but curiously the anonymous individual also has separate personal insights into both Pitt and Jones. The alleged source, for example, knows “most guys line up to hang with Brad,” and also that Jones is supposedly “a snob, thanks to his Harvard years and friendships with people like Al Gore” in the 1960s. It’s also very strange that the insider would say, “Tommy didn’t take the role because he wanted to be close to Brad,” and that he’s “unimpressed by Brad’s status in Hollywood,” considering no one ever claimed that.

Additionally, Gossip Cop is not going to spoil the film, but even by the tabloid’s summarization of the plot, it’s about a guy who “journeys across a solar system to find his missing father.” Since it’s noted that the dad is not around and the son is looking for him, it’s reasonable to assume there aren’t tons of scenes in which Jones and Pitt interacted. Lastly, while the magazine hides behind an untraceable and unaccountable person, who’s simply referred to as a “tipster,” Pitt’s rep went on the record with Gossip Cop to assure us the article is untrue.

Not insignificantly, Star has a poor track record when reporting about Pitt. Earlier this year, the outlet maintained Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh demanded to live with the actor’s parents. Of course, she been repeatedly photographed by her mom’s side since then. Five months ago, it also published another fictitious cover story about how Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were having a baby after rekindling a romance. There was no truth to that either.

Just days before that falsehood, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it wrongly insisted Pitt was dating Charlize Theron. And who can forget how 11 months ago the magazine splashed on its cover that Pitt got a “secret lover” pregnant”? We didn’t. Nor did we forget how the outlet swore up and down that Pitt dumped Aniston for spiritual healer Sat Hari Khalsa.

Not one of those stories were accurate. And while each and every one of them was predicated on a nameless source, Gossip Cop got reps and others in the stars’ camps to go on the record and take responsibility for their words. Much like those aforementioned tales, the latest one about Pitt getting the “cold shoulder” from Jones on the Ad Astra set is also completely bogus.


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