Brad Pitt Storming Off Movie Set From Stress Of Angelina Jolie Divorce Is Fake News

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Brad Pitt Ad Astra Set

By Michael Lewittes |

Brad Pitt Ad Astra Set

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Brad Pitt did not storm off the set of his movie Ad Astra, despite the claim in a fake news story. HollywoodLife, which Gossip Cop has been repeatedly exposed for manufacturing untrue tales about celebrities, now falsely alleges Pitt bolted from the set of his latest movie because his divorce from Angelina Jolie is “stressing him out.” We’re told the claim is “totally false.”

In its newest fabrication, the serial fibbers at the site maintain Pitt “stormed off the set after fighting with his director on his new film.” The often discredited outlet contends Pitt’s supposed abrupt exit was a result of the “pain of his personal life.” To back up its concocted claim, a so-called “source close to the actor” allegedly tells the blog, “Brad stormed off set after one of his toughest days yesterday. He has been really stressed out over his divorce with Angelina and yesterday while shooting difficult scenes including stunts, his emotions got the best of him.”

The same seemingly made-up “source” says in very unnaturally expository language, “It was a grueling day… His discussions with his director, Jim Gray, whom he has known for decades, got very heated.” “Brad is a passionate filmmaker intent on making sure every movie he makes is the best production possible. It was his passions that led to the blowup,” continues the unnamed and untraceable “source.” The almost assuredly manufactured insider adds, “Brad has been working hard at being his best self. He has been living very clean, and has not been drinking, smoking or vaping… all that tension came to a head and things kinda got out of hand just a bit.”

Interestingly, none of the legitimate movie outlets or trade magazines had this scoop. And the reason why is that HollywoodLies, as it’s aptly nicknamed, made up this report, as it is wont to do. Gossip Cop has busted HollywoodLife on numerous occasions for its fake news stories. Several days ago, we nailed the untrustworthy site for falsely alleging that Pitt was “open to getting back together” with Jolie. The blog also told a giant lie when it concocted an entire report about how Pitt visited George Clooney’s twins in England.

Both of those claims, as well as the current article that alleges Pitt “stormed off” the set of Ad Astra, are fake news. They bear no basis in reality and were completely fabricated by the HollywoodLies. To be sure, Gossip Cop can furnish dozens of other examples of claims about Pitt, which were made by that unreliable outlet, that are also provably wrong. In any case, a rep for Pitt assures us the new report about Pitt supposedly bolting from the set because the divorce from Jolie is “stressing him out” is “totally false.”

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