Truth About Brad Pitt’s Sobriety

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Brad Pitt Sober Truth

By Hugh Scott |

Brad Pitt Sober Truth

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Ever since Brad Pitt got sober in 2017, the tabloids have been making up stories about the actor relapsing. Gossip Cop has debunked several false reports about the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star drinking and drugging again. Here are a few of those phony articles.

The stories of Pitt falling off the wagon began almost as soon as he got clean. In May 2017, the National Enquirer ran a headline about the star relapsing that read “Reeling Brad’s Shocking Breakdown!” and said the actor’s friends believed he’d relapse due to the tragic death of his friend, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. The outrageously insensitive story included a number of wild claims, including the unfounded theory that Cornell was Pitt’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor prior to his death. Gossip Cop debunked the false story.

In March of last year, the Enquirer falsely claimed Pitt’s friends feared he would relapse after hanging out with Sean Penn. The tabloid’s silly premise was concocted because Pitt attended a party with Penn, who was said to have a “hard-drinking history” and  “could drag him down.” A supposed source added, “Everyone knows Sean has a reputation for being a party animal, so it’s crazy to see Brad hanging out with him.” In reality, Pitt had simply attended a release party for Penn’s book, and no one in his inner circle found the situation concerning.

The tabloid switched substances 11 months later and ran a phony story claiming that Pitt had relapsed on pot, saying his “attempt at rehab has gone up in smoke and he’s getting high on pot again after vowing to clean up his act when his marriage collapsed.” The magazine once again quoted an anonymous tipster as saying, “Brad had no problem dipping back into his bag of weed, especially now that it’s legal in California.”

However, Pitt actually opened up about his past pot use in his 2017 GQ cover story, which is when he also revealed he quit drinking. When asked by the publication whether it was difficult to stop smoking weed, he assertively said, “No,” and even alluded to having given up pot prior to quitting alcohol. Gossip Cop also ran the story by a mutual friend of ours and the actor, who assured us it was “ridiculous.”

Even as recently as this month, the Enquirer came up with yet another story about Pitt’s friend’s worrying that he had relapsed. The tabloid went back to booze again, and quoted yet another questionable “source” as saying, “Things are going so great in Brad’s personal and professional life and the worry is he might feel like he could bend the rules a bit. But that’s a slippery slope. One drink – and he could be back to a full-blown drinking problem.” The story was written because Pitt was spotted with a beverage in his hand at a party following the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There was absolutely no proof that his drink contained alcohol. Gossip Cop confirmed with an individual in Pitt’s camp that he’s still very much sober today.


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