Brad Pitt Teaming Up With Snoop Dogg To Make Music?

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Brad Pitt Snoop Dogg Music

By Hugh Scott |

Brad Pitt Snoop Dogg Music

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Brad Pitt is not teaming up with Snoop Dogg to make music, despite a made-up tabloid report. There’s no collaboration in the works between the movie star and the rapper. Gossip Cop can debunk the crazy story.

According to NW, Pitt is deep down a “frustrated musician” who’s now turning to the legendary rapper to help launch his music career. The outlet quotes an unnamed “insider” as saying, “Brad was telling Snoop he’s been playing lots of guitar and Snoop invited him to his recording studio. They have been pals for years and Snoop is keen to write some music for Brad.”

The tabloid’s story is based on claims from an anonymous “source,” but Pitt own rep tells us on the record that it’s fabricated. Here’s what really seems to be happening. Last month, Snoop Dogg gave a shoutout to Pitt on Instagram after attending the Los Angeles premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The rapper posted a photo of him and the actor at the event, and added, “Great man great friend in a great movie that’s about. To drop….” The rapper’s post seems to have inspired the tabloid to concoct a bogus article involving the two men.

Although Pitt and Snoop Dogg are friendly, there’s nothing in the rappers’s post to indicate they’re preparing to record music together. And in addition the movie star’s spokesperson refuting the story, there’s no indication that Pitt is much of a hip-hop fan. In fact, the Huffington Post previously published an article compiling a list of Pitt’s favorite bands and musicians, with some of the artists including The Doobie Brothers, Dire Straits, Muse and Radiohead. Even if Pitt was attempting to kickstart a music career, it doesn’t seem like Snoop Dogg would be his ideal collaborator.

Of course, we’re not surprised by NW’s tall tale. This is the same outlet that Gossip Cop recently busted for falsely claiming Pitt was taking Margot Robbie on “secret dates” across Europe. The actor hasn’t been romancing his married co-star overseas during his downtime from recording tracks with Snoop Dogg.

Last month, the unreliable outlet published an untrue story about Pitt confessing his love for Robbie. Shortly before that, the magazine wrongly alleged that Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were “fighting over” Robbie, despite the actress being happily married. All of these stories were published to capitalize on the popularity of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. At first these various articles were limited to the stars of the film, but now NW is targeting a celebrity who simply attended the premiere, which is why Snoop Dogg has randomly entered the picture.


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