Brad Pitt “Enjoying Single Life” Story Is Made Up

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Brad Pitt Single Life

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Brad Pitt Single Life

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A story about Brad Pitt “enjoying [the] single life” was made up by HollywoodLife, the same fabrication factory that has been publishing illegitimate articles about the actor for more than six months. Gossip Cop can expose this latest instance of journalism malpractice.

“Brad Pitt ‘Really Enjoying’ Single Life After Angelina Jolie Split,” reads the headline from the serial fabricators. The site brags in the piece, “A source told EXCLUSIVELY that Brad is a lot stronger as a single man and he’s taken a lot of pleasure out of it.” And therein lies the problem. Pitt “sources” are not talking to HollywoodLies. Gossip Cop has confirmed this again and again.

In this case, the supposed “insider” is quoted as saying, “Being single isn’t a bad thing at all for Brad. He’s really enjoying being single and the freedom that comes with that.” The webloid’s likely non-existent “source” goes on to assert Pitt did “a lot of maturing in the past months,” noting, “He feels like he’s a real grown-up, taking care of himself.” The outlet’s most assuredly fictional “insider” adds, “It feels amazing to just stand alone on his own.”

On the surface, that doesn’t sound so damaging. It’s all positive. Pitt is painted in a great light. But when these quotes are seemingly invented out of thin air, it’s not fair to him and it’s not fair to readers or fans. Journalism is a service: Reporters provide accurate and authentic information. It is a disservice, however, to peddle fan fiction as real news.

But HollywoodLies has continually done that since Pitt and Jolie broke up last fall. The online publication even demonstrated almost right away that it did not have access to his camp when it claimed George Clooney had been helping the actor with the split. In actuality, Clooney didn’t even know about the divorce at the time the bad blog published its fake news.

And almost every day since then, the site has pretended to have these “sources” and “insiders” giving insight. Just days ago, for example, Gossip Cop called out the webloid for a story filled with made-up details about Pitt “finding love again.” These stories aren’t the result of well-researched and thoroughly-investigated efforts. They are merely the work of people who would better off finding jobs in creative writing.

HollywoodLies knows little to nothing about Pitt’s “single life” and his plans for “finding love again.” And as long the outlet continues to portray itself as a news resource, Gossip Cop will continue to highlight these manufactured falsehoods.