Brad Pitt NOT “Giving Jennifer Aniston Shoulder To Cry On” Amid Justin Theroux “Split”

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Shoulder Cry On

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Shoulder Cry On

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Brad Pitt is not giving Jennifer Aniston a “shoulder to cry on” amid a supposed split from Justin Theroux. As Gossip Cop has already reported, Aniston and Theroux are not splitting. Nor is the actress looking to her ex-husband for consolation over non-existent marital problems.

A week ago, In Touch falsely announced Aniston and Theroux’s marriage was “over.” The cover story listed a litany of purported relationship woes, but really just recycled the same old claims the tabloid has been wrongly spreading for years now. Gossip Cop busted the report, with Aniston’s rep even telling us the allegations were just “more of the same made-up nonsense that never seems to end.”

Now seven days later, the gossip magazine is trying to breathe new life into the debunked story by repackaging it into an online article that focuses specifically on the part of the report that involved Pitt. A so-called “friend of Jen’s” is quoted as saying, “Jen made a tearful, late-night call to Brad one night recently and explained how Justin went off to the East Coast three months ago, and she felt he was never coming back.”

The outlet’s supposed source goes on to contend, “She confided in him about all the missteps and problems in the relationship, and Brad provided the calming words that she needed to hear.” The publication seems to believe readers will fall for these allegations because it was revealed earlier this year that Pitt and Aniston were texting in the wake of his separation from Angelina Jolie. In Touch here asserts that “Jen became an unlikely source of comfort and strength for her former spouse. And now that Jen has hit a rough patch with her own partner… Brad is returning the favor.”

But there is no “rough patch.” And, contrary to the claim in the original print version of this story that Pitt “even met up” with Aniston “to provide a shoulder to cry on,” that never happened, either. In Touch is obsessed not just with celebrity breakups, but also reunions. That’s why it keeps peddling this untrue narrative about Aniston and Theroux splitting and Aniston growing close again with Pitt. But time continues to show that the assertions don’t match reality, proving Gossip Cop’s debunkings right.


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