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A new story claiming Brad Pitt is "happy" his kids Shiloh and Zahara made friends with Millie Bobby Brown is made-up. It comes from a site which takes information that's been widely reported and adds fabricated angles to them. In this case, after Pitt's two children were spotted with the "Stranger Things" star, the outlet pretends it has found out Pitt's reaction to them hanging out. But Pitt's camp has assured Gossip Cop on numerous occasions that these stories are all phony.

Not surprisingly, this latest tall tale comes from HollywoodLife, a site that habitually concocts bogus reports about Pitt. In fact, the outlet is often referred to as HollywoodLies because of its penchant for fibbing. And what it tends to do is craft articles that are generally upbeat and positive so that readers don't question whether or not the stories are true, while at the same time not anger the celebrities to the point where they themselves or their spokespeople feel compelled to publicly call out the blog. That said, over the years a slew of stars, including Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez, have still slammed the website for blatantly lying about them.

This is such a common practice by HollywoodLies that within just the past 24 hours, it has tried this "happy" narrative three times about different stars (see below). After alleging Pitt is "happy" Zahara and Shiloh made a new friend in Millie Bobby Brown, it then took the news story about Katy Perry getting engaged to Orlando Bloom and claimed it had exclusively learned her ex-husband, Russell Brand, was "happy" for her. Using that same construct again, after it was widely reported Bieber was suffering from depression, and was photographed working out with his wife Hailey Baldwin, the outlet contended it exclusively found how how he's "happy" when they exercise together. As noted above, the blog has written so many falsehoods about him that in 2016 Bieber wrote on Instagram, "The website HollywoodLife is untruthful and hurtful let's spam them and petition to shut them down!"

Fake HollywoodLife Stories


Now let's examine the current made-up story about Pitt. Following the publication of photos and video of Brown with Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids Shiloh and Zahara, HollywoodLies asserts it found an insider who shared what's in the actor's mind. An unnamed and untraceable "source" is quoted as saying Pitt is "happy that they're making friends," but it's also difficult for the star to "see his babies growing up." Are readers really supposed to believe an anonymous and almost assuredly fabricated source's claim that only after seeing a picture of Zahara and Shiloh with Brown it suddenly dawned on Pitt his 14 and 12-year-old kids are "growing up"? (It apparently worked with the easily duped International Business Times, which regurgitated the untrue report without bothering to fact-check.)

Gossip Cop will cut to the chase: Pitt's camp has frequently confirmed to us that HollywoodLife makes up stories about the actor. While the articles are sometimes not negative and don't need to be debunked, nonetheless they are still fabrications. We've been assured over and over that no one close to Pitt is sharing his inner thoughts with blogs and most especially with one that has been provably wrong about him.

There are such a tremendous number of examples, it's difficult for us to narrow them down, but Gossip Cop will point to a few stories to help readers understand why they must question the validity of HollywoodLies' articles about Pitt. As mentioned earlier, the site likes to take previously existing reports and adds newly concocted angles. That's why, hours after the real news broke about the famous spouses splitting, the blog manufactured a totally fictitious tale about how George Clooney was supporting Pitt following Jolie filing for divorce.

However, Clooney hadn't even heard about Pitt and Jolie getting a divorce until he was told hours later — after HollywoodLies' article — by a CNN reporter who asked for a comment as the actor was leaving the U.N. Far from the untrustworthy blog's claim that Pitt was "leaning on George," and Clooney was "advising Brad to do whatever he can to save the marriage," the truth is the Oscar-winner knew nothing about the breakup then. A visibly shocked Clooney told the cable network, "This is the first I've heard of it," and "I feel very sorry to hear that."

The site also maintained last summer to exclusively know Pitt's reaction to Jolie wanting to adopt a seventh child, which was based on a tabloid's tale. Among the problems was that Jolie was not adopting a Syrian refugee, and Pitt had no thoughts about the fake scenario. Both of their camps confirmed to Gossip Cop that HollywoodLies made up its article.

We also caught the site when it alleged it had learned what Pitt thought about the chances of Jolie having a successful fourth marriage. Pitt's rep went on the record to call the article a collection of "complete lies." The truth is no one close to Pitt is sharing with that repeatedly discredited blog what the actor's reactions are or aren't to Shiloh and Zahara making friends with Brown. It's all just fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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