Truth About Brad Pitt’s Birthday Party Plans For Shiloh

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Brad Pitt Shiloh

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Brad Pitt Shiloh

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A new story about Brad Pitt’s birthday party plans for Shiloh, who just turned 13, is made-up. It comes from a site known for concocting reports tied to events in the news. Gossip Cop, however, has the truth and can debunk the fabricated article.

Not long after it was reported how Angelina Jolie took Shiloh (and her five siblings) for her birthday to a place called “The Basement” in L.A., where guests can experience a variety of different “escape rooms,” it appears HollywoodLife manufactured a tale about how Pitt now plans to celebrate her becoming a teen. The blog, which is nicknamed HollywoodLies because of its penchant for fibbing, alleges Shiloh just wants a “low-key” celebration with her dad when he returns from Europe, where he promoted Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Of course, Pitt has purposely not been photographed with his kids in more than two years, so alleging he’ll be giving Shiloh a “low-key” party is not exactly a scoop.

Then, in an effort to pretend it has inside dish, the site contends a “source close to Brad” shares how the actor will “be getting Shiloh gifts for her birthday.” Again, a dad buying his daughter birthday gifts is not exactly a scoop either. The truth, which HollywoodLies occasionally dances around, is that no one “close to Brad” is leaking personal information about his kids to the habitually discredited outlet. And Gossip Cop knows this because both Pitt and Jolie’s camps have repeatedly assured us about that, as well as the blog’s claims being untrue.

Actually, Gossip Cop has busted HollywoodLies many times for publishing fiction about Pitt, Jolie, and their kids. In February, for example, we nailed the site for a fictitious piece about what Pitt thought about his daughters Shiloh and Zahara making friends with Millie Bobby Brown. It was crafted simply because the girls were all photographed out together one day.

And when there were inaccurate tabloid tales about his estranged wife dating, HollywoodLies made up a bogus article about how Pitt was “doubtful” Jolie could have a “successful fourth marriage.” But, as any legitimate outlet would know, Jolie hasn’t been involved with anyone since splitting with Pitt in September 2016. At the time of that false report, Pitt’s rep even told Gossip Cop the blog’s story was “complete lies.”

Additionally, that same site posted several articles about Pitt dating Ella Purnell, MIT professor Neri Oxman, and Kate Hudson, among others. In reality, he was never romantically involved with any one of them, and has never even met Purnell. It makes it nearly impossible to believe the outlet truly has a “source close to Brad,” because that person doesn’t seems to know much about Pitt. The latest story about how he plans to celebrate Shiloh’s birthday appears to be yet another work of fiction from the frequently untrustworthy blog.


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