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A story announcing Brad Pitt sees his kids, but not nearly as much as Angelina Jolie does is fake news. This In Touch report is filled with a mix of falsehoods and well-known truths. Gossip Cop can bust it.

First, consider the headline: "Brad Pitt Does See His Kids But Not Nearly As Much As Ex Angelina Jolie Does." This is being presented as news, but it's something that has been publicly known and widely documented for over a year. Following the couple's separation in 2016, Jolie retained temporary custody of their six children, an arrangement that is still in effect. Given that they live with her, of course she is going to them more than Pitt does, since he lives in a different residence.

But as far back as January of 2017 it was known that Pitt was seeing his kids more often compared to during the immediate aftermath of the breakup. This is not new information. Furthermore, in a E! Online piece examining the rumor mill's fixation on Pitt, it was specifically noted that he sees the children multiple times a week. Jolie even bought a home last June that is less than two miles away from her estranged husband so that transporting the family back and forth would be relatively easy.

So, yes, Pitt does see the children, and yes, Jolie does see them more by the nature of the set-up. These aren't revelations, despite how the tabloid has packaged its new story for readers. In fact, the gossip magazine actually wrongly asserts that Pitt's "visitations are few and far between." Though he would prefer 50-50 joint custody, as he has been seeking, his visits are neither few nor far between, but actually fairly regularly, as noted above.

From there, the outlet goes on to untruthfully allege that Pitt and Jolie's "divorce proceedings have been nothing short of savage," and that there was "almost... a ceasefire." The publication is relying on the already debunked contentions that the stars were "days away" from signing an agreement when Jolie "suddenly reversed course." Gossip Cop has actually busted these false claims multiple times in the last month. The pair was never close to finalizing things.

On the contrary, it was reported in early February that Pitt and Jolie were still negotiating a divorce settlement and sought a court extension. Though the talks are ongoing, it was noted that the situation is "amicable" and being handled "peacefully." The tabloid is misrepresenting the situation.

Then, towards the bottom of the article, there's a complete fabrication with the magazine asserting Pitt's former wife, Jennifer Aniston, "met the kids by happenstance." As Gossip Cop reported when this untrue claim was first alleged in a cover story in January, the actress did not have any kind of meeting, accidental or otherwise, with the children and does not know them. It's clear by the hodgepodge of information here that In Touch wasn't really interested in delivering a factual and newsworthy report. The publication just wanted to lure fans with fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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