Brad Pitt Got “Secret Lover” Pregnant?

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Brad Pitt Secret Lover Pregnant

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Secret Lover Pregnant

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Brad Pitt did not get a so-called “secret lover” pregnant, despite a completely fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this ridiculous claim. A rep for the actor tells us it’s entirely false.

According to Star, a woman in her 20s who supposedly had a fling with Pitt after meeting at an art exhibit earlier this year has come forward to claim she’s expecting his child. The magazine provides virtually zero details about this mystery woman. There’s also no further information about the art exhibit, such as when and where it took place.

Still, the outlet quotes an alleged insider as saying, “This will be an absolute nightmare for Brad if her claims are true. After all the drama he’s been through over the past two years, he’s desperate to keep his life as trouble- and scandal-free as possible.” The outlet’s suspicious source goes on to say the movie star’s “secret lover” is preparing to take a paternity test to prove she’s carrying his child.

The supposed tipster adds that Angelina Jolie is “absolutely furious” about the situation, and it’s caused “total chaos” in their custody negotiations. “She must suspect that the woman is genuine or should wouldn’t be raging at Brad this way,” adds the seemingly phony source. “Up until now, it’s just been all about their six kids. How he’s going to explain this to them is anyone’s guess.”

From there, the publication recycles false claims about Pitt having briefly reconciled with Jennifer Aniston following his split, as well as him currently dating MIT professor Neri Oxman, neither of which are true. “Deep down, Brad’s got to be worried, but he’s shrugging it off and focusing on the positives in his life,” adds the questionable insider. “Neri, for one.”

This entire article is based on information from an anonymous source, who’s relaying claims made by an untraceable “secret lover.” Pitt’s own spokesperson, however, tells Gossip Cop on the record that it’s complete nonsense. In addition to the overarching theme of the story being untrue, the report is filled with a slew of additional inaccuracies about the actor’s love life. As Gossip Cop and many other reputable outlets have reiterated, Pitt and Aniston haven’t seen each other in a long time, and Pitt isn’t romantically involved with Oxman.

It’s also worth noting, this insane storyline isn’t even original. Last month, Gossip Cop busted NW for publishing an almost identical report about Pitt’s “secret lover” being pregnant with his baby. That article was also riddled with factual errors and baseless allegations from unidentified “sources.” Meanwhile, Pitt’s rep has gone on the record to dismiss this bogus and unsubstantiated narrative.


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Spokesperson for Brad Pitt.

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